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  1. Jan 2023
    1. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11534762/

      The Good Fight S4 E5 "The Gang Goes to War"

      This episode features Diane chatting with a co-star about her note taking experience. The woman indicates that she took notes incessantly and voraciously, but that she never referred back to them. The experience just caused her extreme stress so she gave it up completely as she felt it never gave her any benefit. She resorted instead to a more zen practice of drawing circles in her notebooks. She showed Diane a pile of notebooks filled with circles in various designs and colors. Later in the episode while in court the woman asked Diane about it and Diane showed her some of her new circle "note" pages.

      [Watched the episode passively sometime in the past two weeks.]

    1. The most famous "active" reader of great books I know isPresident Hutchins, of the University of Chicago. He also has the hardest schedule ofbusiness activities of any man I know. He invariably reads with a pencil, and sometimes,when he picks up a book and pencil in the evening, he finds himself, instead of makingintelligent notes, drawing what he calls 'caviar factories' on the margins. When thathappens, he puts the book down. He knows he's too tired to read, and he's just wastingtime.

      "caviar factories" brings to mind the OCD doodling of lots of small compact circles, which is what I suspect Hutchins was occupying himself with...

  2. Sep 2022
  3. Jul 2019
    1. underlining

      Or underlining distractedly as if one were punching the monkey, a reference to the early days of the internet when one was encouraged to engage with internet ads in an active but often unmeaningful way.