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    1. webpack-bot commented on Nov 13, 2020 For maintainers only: webpack-4 webpack-5 bug critical-bug enhancement documentation performance dependencies question
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    1. (To clarify, I'm not personally needing / waiting on this change (not currently anyway). I was just looking at all the open issues in this project while deciding whether I should start using ActiveIntegration in my project...)
  6. Oct 2020
    1. Issue grooming: This seems like an ancient configuration issue which based on the comment traffic people aren't seeing today, so I'm going to speculatively close. If this is still happening with modern versions then we can reopen (but please provide full details of the modern case). If you are still seeing this and you aren't the original submitter then please create a new issue with full details.
    1. Issue grooming: There appears to be a variety of different failure modes and user error/misconfiguration scenarios (all largely historic) described here.
  7. Jul 2020
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    1. Despite our best efforts to deal with all of those issues, over the course of time we fall behind. When you look at an issue it's sometimes unclear whether or not we intent to provide the functionality you propose, whether or not we fix the bug, whether or not the issue is a duplicate of another one. In order to restore a reasonable level of clarity we annually perform a House Keeping Iteration in which we go through all open issues. We categorize, label, fix, and close issues. This results in a wave of notification which is hard to deal with (our apologies) but in the end there is better understanding of what will happen to your ideas.
  9. Nov 2019
    1. Feature requests are great, but they usually end up lying around the issue tracker indefinitely. Sending a pull request is a much better way of getting a particular feature into Capybara.
  10. Oct 2018
    1. FOIL SHAVERS: These are characterized by straight heads that use oscillating blades. Blades for these shavers are beneath the foil – so blades don’t get direct contact with the skin thus reduce chances of getting nicks and cuts when shaving. A foil is a thin layer of metal – with holes that form a mesh pattern. Now when the shavers head goes over your beard, the foil lifts the hairs from the skin and exposes them to the cutters beneath the foil. This explains why you will never get 100% close shave with foil electric shavers. But they are the best shavers for sensitive skins.