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  1. Mar 2022
    1. Reading presented Socrates with a new version of Pandora’s box: once written language was released there could be no accounting for what would be written, who would read it, or how readers might interpret it.6

      Lesen und Schrift als Pandoras Büchse. ANT Bezug wallah die Waldfee

    2. As Socrates put it, “once a thing is put in writing, its composition, whatever it may be, drifts all over the place, getting into hands not only of those who understand it, but equally of those who have no business with it; it doesn’t know how to address the right people, and not address the wrong. And when it is ill treated and unfairly abused it always needs its parents to come to its help, being unable to defend or help

      Das geschriebene beschreibt Sokrates hier (wiedergegeben von Wolf) als ein Kind, das nicht weiß wie es und wen es adressieren soll. Ein ärmlicher Akteur in der ANT Sichtweise, der sich nicht verteidigen kann und in die falschen Hände geraten kann. Interessanter Gedanke