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  1. Oct 2020
    1. The false promise of your source code repository is that everything it contains is “good.” To complete your task, just find something that does something similar, copy, modify, and you’re done. Looking inside the same repository seems like a safety mechanism for quality but, in fact, there is no such guarantee.
  2. Jul 2020
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  6. Jun 2015
    1. Note: I'm unconvinced of Promise.race's usefulness; I'd rather have an opposite of Promise.all that only rejects if all items reject.

      This is hurting my brain. Can we just use a meta-promise that fulfills when rejected, and reject when fulfilled in order to achieve that?

  7. Sep 2013
    1. For I hold that to obtain a knowledge of the elements out of which we make and compose all discourses is not so very difficult if anyone entrusts himself, not to those who make rash promises, but to those who have some knowledge of these things.

      How do we know that all Sophists lack experience and are full of only empty promises?