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  1. Jan 2024
    1. das erinnert ganz stark an sokrates, der schon vor 2000 jahren durch die stadt gelaufen ist, und die leute nach konkreten gründen gefragt hat, und auch nur idioten getroffen hat, die ihre "meinungen" überhaupt nicht begründen konnten, weil das alles nur gerüchte / rumors / gossip war, wie bei den tratschweibern... und sokrates hat seine nachbarn so lange getrollt, bis einer die polizei gerufen hat, und die haben ihn dann zum tod verurteilt, weil sokrates hat "die jugend verführt". kommt uns das irgendwie bekannt vor?! geschichte wiederholt sich, nichts neues unter der sonne...

  2. Oct 2022
    1. Trolls, in this context, are humans who hold accounts on social media platforms, more or less for one purpose: To generate comments that argue with people, insult and name-call other users and public figures, try to undermine the credibility of ideas they don’t like, and to intimidate individuals who post those ideas. And they support and advocate for fake news stories that they’re ideologically aligned with. They’re often pretty nasty in their comments. And that gets other, normal users, to be nasty, too.

      Not only programmed accounts are created but also troll accounts that propagate disinformation and spread fake news with the intent to cause havoc on every people. In short, once they start with a malicious comment some people will engage with the said comment which leads to more rage comments and disagreements towards each other. That is what they do, they trigger people to engage in their comments so that they can be spread more and produce more fake news. These troll accounts usually are prominent during elections, like in the Philippines some speculates that some of the candidates have made troll farms just to spread fake news all over social media in which some people engage on.

  3. Aug 2022
  4. Aug 2020
  5. May 2020
  6. Apr 2019
    1. but to lay traps for producers, for a patentee can sue for infringement even if it doesn't make the product that it holds a patent on.

      Not always a "bad guy" story. Let's say a brilliant but poor woman dreams up a wildly effective design for a rocket engine after years of research. She wisely patents it and tries to get the attention of someone in the space industry. Until she finds a partner (which generally means negotiating a mutually acceptable price for the fruits of her labor), she is a "troll."

  7. Feb 2019
    1. Hannibal Barca il y a 1 semaine • @Novum Consilium II V II vous avez tellement raison vive le socialisme et l'autoritarisme. Franchement, les élections, c'est juste les pays décadent capitalistes qui le font. Nous devrions plutôt obligé le peuple a avoir un dictature. Merci, vive les extrémistes! 🙃

      Gros troll

    2. Hannibal Barca il y a 7 heures • @Cybermiaou Bien sûr! Tu as à 300% raison! Par exemple l'uruguay est beaucoup plus instable et pauvre que la bolivie et le Venezuela et tout cela parce que ce sont des extremistes démocratiques et pluralistes! Rendez vous compte! MAIS OÙ VA LE MONDE???? Le canada et les pays démocratique sont des impérialiste occidentaux qui tue les populations depuis toujours mais les médias et le gouvernement nous le cache. (Ce sont des franc-maçon) 🙃

      Gros troll

  8. Jan 2015
    1. I have every reason to believe that the majority of trolls on the English-speaking web are, like Violentacrez, white, male and somewhat privileged. Not because I have personally counted all the trolls on the English-speaking web, but because trolls perform these characteristics. They enact gendered dominance ("your resistance only makes my penis harder," a popular trolling refrain, speaks volumes). They universalize their own assumptions and ethical imperatives (for example the assertion that nothing on the Internet should be taken seriously). They have enough free time to sink hours and hours into their online exploits, and have access to the necessary technologies to do so. I am entirely comfortable asserting these basic symbolic demographics.
    2. In addition to acknowledging the wide variety of trolling behaviors, it is just as important to note that simply saying nasty things online does not make someone a subcultural troll, nor does engaging in "good faith" (for lack of a better term) racism or sexism or homophobia. Not necessarily, anyway. Trolling in the subcultural sense may be afoot in these instances, but maybe not, immediately complicating the impulse to declare every aggressive or otherwise unsavory online behavior an act of trolling -- an impulse regularly exercised by those in the mainstream media.