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  1. Feb 2024
    1. A variation of this quote also appears in the movie Sweet Home Alabama (Touchstone Pictures, 2002) in the lightning sequence at the waterfront at the end of the picture:

      What is it about you Southern Girls? You can't make the right decision until you tried all the wrong ones.<br /> —Jake Perry, portrayed by Josh Lucas

      Link to: https://hypothes.is/a/EoLQ5MLkEe6lqTcB_otgdw a quote often misattributed to Winston Churchill.

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    1. "To honor The Southern Star for its worthv and uninterrupted service to Ozark and Dale County since its founding in 1867. Joseph A. Adams, founder, 1867-1887. 1867-1887. 1867-1887. Joseph H. Adams, 1887-1901. 1887-1901. 1887-1901. John Q. Adams. 1901-1925. 1901-1925. 1901-1925. Jesse B. Adams, editor and publisher.


      Joseph Adams, 1867-1887 Joseph H. Adams, 1887-1901 John Q. Adams 1901-1925 Jesse B. Adams 1925-???

    1. If a newspaper takes up over half of its front page, with farm, school and market news, it is easy to see that he is serving his subscribers

      Commended paper for deep coverage of farm and market news, rural community

    2. Southern Star of Osark was awarded the Victor Hanson loving cup for having rendered the best community service oi any weekly newspaper in Alabama in 1928

      Southern Star awarded Victor Hanson prize in 1928.