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  1. Oct 2023
    1. Our freedom is on the ballot.

      No one has the freedom to murder.

    2. Reproductive Rights

      Murder is not reproductive. Reproductive rights would be the right for women to decide when and if they reproduce before they take part in spawning a new human being with unique DNA.

      Nobody is arguing against a women's right to choose whether or not to reproduce - only the crime of changing her mind and trying to undo that decision with murder.

    3. take back our families’ freedom to make the decisions that are best for us

      ...to the exclusion of the innocent helpless human beings that are being murdered. What a selfish and sociopathic position to take.

    4. who should have the right to make personal medical decisions about abortion: women and their families

      Murder advocates always exclude the woman's offspring from the definition of "family".

      Women have no special authority to decide how, when, and if they murder their offspring.

      Instead, people should take murder off the table and focus on non-violent ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

    5. lives at risk

      Legalizing murder of innocent helpless unborn humans doesn't merely risk their lives, it ends them.

    6. health and safety of patients

      Murder advocates refuse to accept that the innocent helpless unborn human is also a patient.

      It is not possible to ensure the health and safety of a patient one is murdering.

    7. family decisions

      Murdering unborn humans should not be a private "family decision" with the next generation any more than it is with Grandma and Grandpa or one's ex-spouse.

      Nobody is involving the victim in this "family decision".

    8. birth control

      Murder is not a legitimate form of birth control. There are other highly effective, non-invasive forms of birth control that prevent conception and do not require the murder of a helpless innocent unborn human.

      The safest, cheapest, and most effective form of birth control is abstinence. It has worked every time it has been used.

    9. miscarriage care

      Ohio Issue 1 is a legal discussion, and within a legal context, abortion is a type of murder. Proponents of allowing the murder of helpless innocent unborn humans intentionally introduce the medical definition of abortion, which refers to termination of a pregnancy natural or otherwise (including miscarriages).

      The reality is that Ohio law defers to physicians to decide medical necessity of abortions to save a woman's life - only two need to agree that it is necessary.

      The prohibition on abortion in a legal sense has nothing to do with abortion in the medical sense.

    10. exceptions for rape or incest

      Why would murder be legalized in cases of rape or incest?

      The unborn human being had no part in the activity, so why execute them?

      Murder is not a magic eraser.

      Punish criminals for their crimes, not helpless innocent victims.

  2. Sep 2023