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  1. Sep 2022
    1. For you see, this forest does not want to be seen.

      What does this mean? What is this conception of a dark forest a metaphore for? What kind of people do not talk into the forest?

      It is an alagory for the Matrix. Maybe some Gnostic shit

    2. The dark forest had become a forest of light. Sounds of running water could now be heard.

      Could this be where the book of genesis begins?

    3. my shadow responded.
    4. You have passed all three tests within the forest.

      Wait what are these three tests?

    5. I peered over the edge, and I saw myself in the reflection as a vile demon. Horns grew from my forehead, and my eyes were filled with blackness. Veins were visible across my face with pulses of inky blood running through them.

      I wonder why the beautiful boy at the beggining of The Alchemist did not see a demon in his reflection?

    6. glade


      an open space surrounded by woods

    7. Not all understand that the angel can just as well be a demon. You are wise, unlike others who venture into this place. You may continue.

      If God were to give you what you articulate your desires to be you would discover a new form of suffering.

    8. The weapons of men could not cut down the wall to the inner forest, only my light could do so. For those who failed to grow their light bright enough, I fear for their demise.

      Power to the individual not the collective

    9. Whatever vile creatures crept in the shadows were coming for me now.


      Would you like a job at this startup?

    10. and the eyes that watched me multiplied.

      I really like this phrasing

    11. The thoughts were not my own.
    12. In the blackness beyond the reaches of my torchlight, I see scores of floating eyes, watching, waiting, hoping that my light burns out.

      What is an example of a person like this? Hmmm I have actually met many of them.

      Working at blockchain startups in 2018 and attending couple a conference and meetup I have seem people resonate, no that is not the right word, watch my performence with curriosity. I had a bad set of premisies, and still do.

      I can not fault these people for watching with Curriosity I was deluded with ideas of grandure and had a tinsle of sweatness in my eyes. I was as a man ready to cum at the moment of penetration, no plan just raw emotion.

    13. Those who wander into the dark forest without light are bound to be consumed by it. Do not trust the lightless men who return.

      What is an example of a person who walks into the dark forest and is consumed by it?

      • Those hyper positive people
      • Those people who want to be famous for founding a startup but don't know how they want to impact the world and lives of people
      • Those people who follow mindlessly, getting a normie job, normie relationship out of habbit, who repeat ideas without thinking about them
      • Someone who talks about pincipals day and night yet has a masturbation problem
      • Someone who requires someone else to make decisions for them in life

      Wait no someone who requires someone else to make decisions for them in life does not even enter the forest. One goes into the forest in order to obtain character. Once someone has character they become a individual and are hard to predict. One comes out of the forst a high agency individual.

      What are my set of premisies? What questions does one ask oneself and others in order to get a sense of their premisies?

    14. t is at this moment that I must trust in my light and journey into darkness.

      What does it mean to have a light and trust it? Is a light a purpose, a memetic vector as I like to say? A set of constraints for what will form the self. A SET OF PREMISIES as Ayn Rand would like us all to have.

    15. It is devoid of any light, save that which the man brings with him.

      How does one bring a light with him into the Forest? What is this metaphore of dark and light supposed to mean? Does it have something to do with purpose?

    1. I now passed into the sea of souls.

      Allagory for the light heading into heven?

    2. My race still had time to come around. We could stop the cannibalization of our souls and rekindle the weak embers.

      I feel like a WEF associated cabal has an opinion on this

    3. trying to save me from the death march of my race.

      Phrasing bro phrasing

    4. Only pure selfishness could destroy the dwindling fire of the soul.

      I wonder how this concept interfaces with Ayn Rand's ideology? Are Dagney Tagart and Rearden truely selfish? Or are the beurocrats, The Beast, as Stephen Mallory liked to call them.

    5. Just like a young animal, it is vulnerable to the predators of the world. It is at risk of being consumed by the soul-eaters.

      Oh I like this phrase, soul eaters. What are examples of these IRL?

      Energy Vampire

    6. It is a danger for a soul to ignite before it is ready.

      Been there done that hbu?

    7. It was not that the soul was never there, but it was just never born.

      haha so the soul is metaphysical. We are not all born with one but have the capacity to have one. And since time is not a strait arrow we all have a soul?

    8. Once this was achieved in me, the shadow left. It was never my enemy, but my ally.

      Non existence creates existence

    9. One must break down the walls of their existence and feel the world around them.

      Become one with the universe

    10. Connecting with other souls was the true purpose of existence;

      So the opposite of "Brave New World"?

    11. The void showed that the soul is the real source of all light, and that light is all that truly exists.

      Yup law of one shit for sure

    12. I sensed its name was Dah, and it was a female. She relayed, via this new intuition, that I must relay something to the creatures that came to see me.
    13. dolphin
    14. I was connected with this place, no longer isolated in my own mind. I was bridged with everything around me. I could sense all, yet we could not speak. I could feel yet not know. Words were not the medium of communication, it was emotion.

      I think I had a dream like this once. Feeling the raw evolution and devolution of societies over mellenia.

    1. realizing that what I always knew was the truth, that the unknown could become known if one but journeys into it.

      I need to think about this one later

      Ya this is Law of One shit

    2. As I hovered there, in this realm of fire and shadows, I could see white light no longer — only the battle between blue and red, moon and fire.
    3. You’ve felt the chaos for your entire life, but now you must see it.


    4. I looked down at my arms and realized that I now became lightless, and the man hovering before me gleamed in white light.

      What is this some, "Law of one" shit

    5. “Why must you know the answers to all? You demand information that you are not worthy of.” It responded coldly, with a serpent-like voice.

      You have to "Insist on your right to exist!"

    6. perfection is not truth.

      Don't read books what do not have some explicit cognative dissonance, like Jordan Peterson, I was once told.

    7. and live without death was a lie.

      Death gives life meaning as I like to say

    8. It was Eden. It was everything that the heart and soul desired.

      Insert reference to greek hero who had harem of women and a life of luxary but still went back to the real world to fight.

    9. I live and breath the unknown, for it consumes me. Chaos gripped me at an early age, and I’ve battled to hold back its tide for decades. It ebbs and flows, flinging bodies in all directions in its powerful current and steep waves. I’ve been in the waters for my entire life. Others manage to scramble onto floating debris, ignoring the truth of where they drift. Being in that constant battle allowed my resolve to journey where others dared not.

      What does it mean to swim?

    1. MacAskill’s

      Who is this?

    2. empathy is conserved

      I need to think about this one more

    3. Privately, the new platform should encourage the concentration of altruistic energy toward more local circles of concern—family above community, community above city, city above country, country above world. Rocks, galaxies, foreigners, etc, should be of little interest.

      Now this is how you rebuild the "church"

    4. That the king is above the law (or, as Nixon so memorably put it, “if the President does it, that means it’s not illegal”) is one of the most fundamental principles of premodern law. If the king is not above the law, some other power is above the king; and so he is no king. Absolute power is inherently the power of final decision.

      There has to be a name for this concept

    5. For all life is a building-up, a line of force—and injustice. Thus, if you see a group of children growing listless, you need but impose on them constraints—the rules of a game—and presently you will see them playing merrily together.

      I wonder what Curtis is like as a Father

    6. of.a

      Grammer error, was this coppied from a pirated PDF?

    7. the auteur theory of government.)

      Dude this connects to Megal Gear Solid

    8. There is a corner case which hints at the flaw of this model: what about fentanyl? Since people desire fentanyl, they pay for it. Logically, this is GDP. This is desire in the desire economy. And if fentanyl is not good for you, what about marshmallows? Marshmallows certainly aren’t good for you—should they too be excluded from GDP?

      This sounds like what the WEF and friends want to do by tracking our purchases and labeling them as good or bad for our health or the environment

    9. Purging bureaucracy from monarchical systems is a constant problem. Yet even if bureaucracy can never be eliminated, we know what we are eliminating.

      “Cthulhu may swim slowly. But he only swims left. Isn’t that interesting?”

      Quote by Mencius Moldbug: “Cthulhu may swim slowly. But he only swims left...”

    10. The effectiveness of the state cannot, of course, be taken for granted. It varies widely. Since there is no check on the decay of a sovereign besides war and regime change, an old state can become very inefficient indeed.And if in practice state power is moribund, effectiveness requires restoring that power. Effective altruism, as an ideology of state, must be an ideology of the effective state. If the government cannot get anything done, effective altruism cannot be effective.

      Holy shit, mobilizing a minority of the EA folk to participate in your ideology. Plant the seed and watch it grow. This is what giving up porn does to you........

      Funny how an EA guy I knew was sorta addicted to porn........

    11. On that and every other issue. Get in the car—we’re going to do some regime change. To get the US government to represent the interests of its own people, here are some things we need to change. When we finish, what will be left of what we started with? Here are some things that can’t be left, if our new government is going to be efficient and altruistic:

      Portal to the new regieme you say, yes this sounds like the meat and potatoes

    12. “charity begins at home.”

      What should these be called? Catch Phrases?

    13. telescopic altruism is generally unaccountable to its intended ends.

      Nice Heuristic

    14. If a new brand of remote philanthropy appears, with no mechanism to counter this addictive tendency, it should be treated like yet another brand of Cocaine-Cola—especially if statistically associated with both druglike damage to its consumers’ lives, and collateral damage in the unfortunate countries where it is made.

      No wonder the pharmasutical companies make so much money

    15. When we read EA literature we are struck by the same sense of wonder that the young Freud felt, when he thought he had discovered the cure for depression. It was actually just… cocaine.

      These are not political formulas but they are something

    16. “Sell your cloak,” said Jesus, “and buy a sword.”
    17. You cannot really love a rock the way you love your grandmother. You cannot escape being human. Being human, though, your brain can pretend really damn hard.

      Awww Peter Keating tried real hard to care about that Bromide

    18. We should name this heatmap effect in honor of Charles Dickens, who satirized EA 170 years ago in Bleak House. He called EA “telescopic philanthropy,” a wonderful name, and defined its effects with the character of Mrs. Jellyby—whose cause was modeled on the real-life Laos Expedition. From a site for lazy, cheating students:

      Don't forget about the poor little bromide in the Fountainhead

    19. Dude: please at least ask if your ideology of good is making you into, like, an asshole.

      Dam Vegans bro

    20. Nature is telling us that there is no free empathy lunch.
    21. Third: as we’ll see, altruism is like meth. No one is questioning two facts: that you should clean your room, and that meth helps you clean your room. No one ever did their first hit of meth, or even their nth hit, with the goal of becoming a methhead. Nor does everyone who does meth become a methhead. Many people can chip meth!

      [Insert Jordan Peterson Meme Here]

    22. There is no legitimate moral basis for choosing one child above two, even if the one is yours and the two are randomly selected Laotian orphans. Ergo: any opposition to effective altruism is illegitimate.
    23. is it better to save a child in Laos, or wash your underwear—assuming that these have the same cost?


  2. Aug 2022
  3. www.briantimar.com www.briantimar.com
    1. it’s not hard to find graduate students who can tell you every detail about how a particular machine operates, and almost nothing about why it should be built.

      Wow the cognative disonance, or is that somehting else?

    2. you can spend years ascending ranks in a hierarchy without producing anything that the rest of humanity finds valuable.

      Ouch, oh how modernity contorts the human spirit

    3. I did so by throwing myself into the hardest classes and putting in the hours required to ace the tests.

      Do the people that put in the hours to get good grades on all these tests ever think about what the test are actually supposed to be for?

    1. Like Manly P. Hall’s Bacchus, that became transfixed by the mirror and followed his own reflection into matter, the modern man has been boiled in the dark waters of materialism. He believes in things like self-creating universes and self-birthing organisms.

      Is this what Westworld season 4 is about. Are the Hosts in the show actually an alagory of the husks of meet we have assembled ourselves into through our own delusions?

    2. What poor imagination that can not extend beyond language. Excalibur does not submit to their hand so they terrify the minds of children with their vision of dead, floating symbols. Let it be known that the interplay between symbol and tool is at the foundation of creation, and destruction. When the disenchanted say an artifact is a mere symbol, it only shows they do not know it’s lineage, the etymology of its beauty. Their whole philosophy is an admission of their own total cuckolding, with every publication blissfully raising another man’s ontology.

      I don't get this, gotta review later

    3. Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.
    4. In the late 14th century, in the work of Peter of Trau, there is attributed an invention to frater Rogerius dictus Bachon Anglicus. He describes a mirror assembled at Oxford that would allow one to see "quid agebant homines in quantumcumque remotis … partibus" —one could see what people were doing in any remote location. This invention led to students spending all their time checking in on relatives and spying on each other; this distraction led the university to destroy the device.

      The Light of Other Days - Wikipedia

      Everything old is new again

    5. a terrible sorcery that has certainly been employed since at least the era of Jazz, increasing with each passing generation, producing ever more insidious iterations of the holosonic control grid.

      Thinking of how music plays with Morphic Resonance breaks my brain

    6. “God, it was said, is all in all; everything is part of the divine essence, with a growing, or perceptive, or reflective power, one or all, and by that which has one all may be acquired. A stone may become a plant; a plant, a beast; a beast, a man; a man, an angel; an angel, a creator.” —Cornelius Agrippa, Philosophia Occulta

      A rock turning into God. Okay got it.

    7. The sky and the stars are the original scrying mirror, and by envisioning events in the display of that celestial orb, we set a course to manifest them on earth. Sigil is translated into substance, the crystal orb simulates the cosmic egg.

      Again with the planets and stars being manifested from us not being objective pieces of the universe. Though under simulation theory the stars only existing after we percieve them and obtaining more and more detail over time does make sense.

    1. In reality, mechanical approaches with rockets would be encountering a void, and in this void a suspension of natural law. It is a decrease in information, a stretching of the boundary space until it contains nothing, hence the decrease in breathable air, the lessening of gravity and eventually all matter. There is no such thing as a rocket-based approach to “outer-space”. All the images of planets in science fiction and produced by NASA are esoteric, visionary projections. This idea that heaven’s luminaries are in the machinic void is a confusion of the sacred and profane, designed to make you go insane.

      Planets a conspiracy, that's a little too much for me

    1. He wrote that nothing less than the shaking of the entire frame of the Earth could result in the mass annihilation of life forms that he observed.

      Atlas Shrugged?

    2. Because of man’s aversion to knowing his past, science has been greatly rətarded, pretending unreality to be as truth.

      Science is retarded you say, I agree

    1. This meant that evolution would be controlled by hot-fixing and updating human gene expression remotely. This concept immediately brings to mind my research on the Ebner effect.

      And people said Covid 19 was not chipping them so they could be controlled with 5G. /s

    2. According to Oliver Reiser, the originator of “cosmic humanism”, the entirety of the earth would be reconstructed under the symbol of Solomon's Temple, not of stone in Jerusalem, but electromagnetically. This would be done through a worldwide system of satellites and antennae. Through the use of something called "Radio Eugenics".

      Ohhh this is where Westworld get's it

    1. With enough “dark data”, one could theorize the possibility of predicting the actions of any individual.

      I get a Westworld season 3 vibe. Though maybe the author here and the writers of westworld run in similar circles.

    1. The longer you walk a path the narrower it becomes. Eventually, it closes in on you, trapping you between two walls of cold, dark stone until you eventually realize you cannot advance anymore. You are stuck. You cannot go back and no crossroad lies ahead. You fear this. You know it is what lays ahead if you continue this path.

      Every day not spent living is a day spent dying

    2. Life gives us morsels of meaning here and there. Just enough to keep us from walking into the forest and realizing that nothing truly matters.

      Oh dude, Idk but I think of women with a body count in the 1000's when I read this.

    3. Are you dead? You haven’t felt alive in years. So what is the difference?

      Adding a question for when I go on dates, when was the last time you felt truly alive.

      Worst part is IDK how to even answer that

    1. The spirits have abandoned you and reality sets in. Fooled again.

      When I read this I think about the cycle of reincarnation. Getting drunk on banality rather than following the river.....

    2. When you awake you realize that you lost more of yourself in those moments

      Lost more of yourself, what does that mean. Who are we really? Playing a game of entertainment sex should be more fulfilling than netflix.

    3. The pack is on the move. They weave through the crowd like lions in tall grass, obscuring themselves. They look to one another and nod their heads. The spirits controlling them are ready to make their move — to bring you home and to consume. The pack splits and attacks one to one. You admire their manes and deepness of their roars and accept the fate they have for you. They give you more spirits to free you from any remaining doubts. You lose yourself even more.

      For a guy you really know how to describe what it is like to be seduced

    4. The more one drinks, the younger they become. Mentally aging in reverse. They lose the skill to talk. Forego the art of walk. Reducing back to the fetal position on the bathroom floor, they cannot climb back into the womb. Life must be faced in forward motion. Going backwards will only bring pain by the next day.

      Take away my ability to think they acted out in a self deprecating way.

    5. Men move in packs, chasing flocks of women for a late-night snack.

      It is funny how in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man Steve Harvey uses the word cookie to represent sex.

    1. He turned, made his way to the couch, and collapsed. Grabbing the remote, he switched on the television and navigated to his Netflix account. He found his show. The one that made him feel connected to something. Or at least showed him what real connection felt like. The great irony of it was that these people were actors, acting connected, just like the real world.

      People act as if they are connected not that they actually are.

      Reminds me of Serial Experiments Lain, "We are all connected" says the 12 year old girl to the man who just killed two people at the night club before turning the gun on himself.

    1. He had finally stepped behind the veil.

      Wizard of Oz is more based than it appears eh. Lions Tigers and Bears they say

    2. Knowing obfuscates truth.

      I gotta meditate on this later

    3. sense of knowing.

      The most potent drug of your time

    4. There can be no map that leads through these caverns. This is the reason why I elected to forgo any membership into these societies and instead found my own path.

      Dude the map is like the maze in Westworld. Find your way to the center go mad and kill yourself, get lost, still get mad and kill yourself.

    5. secret libraries.

      Where these at bro

    6. None attempted to enter with hubris.

      I blame the society I live in for me acting like that.

      Have you ever heard of horseshoe ego theory. Removing the ego can be the biggest ego trip one ever experiences. Alan Watts talks about it

    7. Each fork has the potential to lead to a labyrinth from which one will never return.


    8. Many do not see the truth and are polarized between two ends of a single-dimension.


    1. At the end of the day, I believe the barrier to entry says a lot about the content. If something can be easily and quickly written by anyone (like a comment), it is often not worth reading as it could be a knee-jerk reaction to some news or some passing thought. But if something passes the hurdles and difficulties of publishing (like an online article), it often signals the fact that much thought went into it and that it was important for the author.

      I was watching The Acid Story with Curtis Yarvin | The Tim Dillon Show #310 - YouTube earlier today and Yarvin talks about usenet and how once the barrier to entry collapsed due to AOL it became unusable.

      Thankfully Urbit has a high barrier to entry.

    2. Obviously, no one has time to read all those comments (if you do, please get a job).


    1. My humble estimate is that 99% of advice and insights out there is exactly as useful as the two ridiculous examples just mentioned.


    2. If you’re not getting something actionable out of it, you’re probably wasting your time.


    3. When I’m consuming non-fiction content, I try to write down specific experiments I can try that put the things I “learned” into practice. For example, just this morning I read a chapter in Nick Winter’s Motivation Hacker and it gave me the idea to track my happiness in hourly intervals to get a more accurate picture of how much I enjoy certain activities without giving in to the peak-end effect.

      If something is not testable does it really exist?

    4. It’s just that people love to say things that make them look good.

      Retarded Bird App

    5. the real problem was that they followed useless pseudo-actionable advice.

      Religion/Cult of actionable insight anyone?

    6. Most people never do anything with the advice they receive. Since the advice sounds kind of plausible, people who never put it into practice believe they just received tremendous value. They click that like button and write glowing reviews for the book, article, or podcast they got it from.

      I embody this pattern so deeply I don't know how to get out of it. This article is like a signal in the noise of insight porn, are there any other signals?

    1. Also, for anyone reading this in 2025 or later--you're curious, but it doesn't matter. The real Dark Web was the Dark Web we bought drugs on. It disappeared when they banned Bitcoin.

      RIP Bitcoin, RIP

  4. Jul 2022
    1. According to a Guardian article exploring “Obama, Facebook, and the power of friendship: the 2012 data election,” Barack Obama’s Democratic presidential campaign customized a single donation request to 26 voter segments, while Republican Michele Bachmann showed slightly different online ads for Republican voters in each of 99 counties in Iowa, and Republican Rick Perry’s ads praising God only displayed to self-described “evangelical” Iowans on Facebook. 

      Obama did it too, social media is like a field for the political war

    2. Harari says that AI, especially when linked with biological knowledge, may allow us to produce “an algorithm that understands me better than I understand myself, and can therefore manipulate me, enhance me, or replace me.” 

      I talk about this way too often, but almost always lacking in substance

    1. however, the real potential for multiple massive drug failures setting the industry back decades.

      Ya that covid vaccine is killing all sorts of people, I bet the pharmaceutical companies knew about these effects and released the vaccine anyways.

      But at the same time I believe this is a necessary evil. The FDA has put their foot down so hard on innovation that if we still want it to happen there will have to be sacrifices. Those that give up security for freedom have none.

    2. Speaking of health, life sciences is at an unremarked inflection. There is the real potential for multiple new and effective vaccine and drug delivery platforms to emerge at once, something that has never happened in the history of pharmaceuticals. We not only could see multiple vaccines arrive, which is appealing, but, more importantly in the long run, multiple new platforms for delivering drugs, which would vastly increase the drug arsenal, transform human health, and add vastly to societal wealth via decreasing aggregate cost of illness. 

      So how do we decide who get's to live forever. All those movies about getting money to save a loved one will have a new reinterpretation just like what we are doing with western history right now.

    3. Similarly, people all over the world are realizing that “preppers” aren’t nuts (at least, in their prepping), that there is merit in thinking in terms of how much inventory of critical things—food, water, and yes, toilet paper—you have. 

      Luke Smith made a point that when you go back 200 years the average normal every day person was what we would consider a prepper.

      Please Consider Becoming Landed Gentry. - YouTube

    4. But that is extrapolative and impermanent, armoring metaphorical cockpits, rather than thinking about what this episode has taught us about the wildness that lurks beneath modernity. 

      The wildness that lurks beneath modernity, reminds me of the racketeer guy from Atlas Shrugged. I guess there is a sect of the elites that want to speciate, Homo Deus.

    5. So, what changes? Post-pandemic, in the short-run, and contrary to many, we think very little changes, at least very little that is materially different from what we thought before. Rather than being a break with the past, we think people’s desperation for a return to normalcy—shopping! travel! work!—creates immense pressure to return to the recent past faster than anyone expects. There is inherent human-driven homeostasis, an almost inexorable need to bring things back to where they were before. 

      So what is it that people want exactly? shopping! travel! work! ?

      What about the manufacture of consent, how people were trained after WWII to consume consume consume. The culture on some level is shaped by large influencers.

    6. “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.”

      Early 2023 is going to be whack


    1. The form of government in which intellectual institutions make the final decisions is not new. It was practiced in ancient Egypt by the scribes of Amun, in ancient China by the Confucian mandarins, in ancient Massachusetts by the Puritan preachers. Whether its doctrine teaches one god, many, or none, it is best described as theocracy—a branch of the broader form which is oligarchy, rule by an organized minority.

      A government that worships no god is called a theocracy. That's interesting, though makes sense they all worship intellectuals.

    2. Or as you know them, dear reader: populism or dictatorship. Both choices seem bizarre. These are our only objective options from here: the cathedral or the bizarre.

      I can imagine an action movie star saying this as he goes in to kill the bad guys.

  5. Jun 2022
    1. sexual and racial identities are treated as changeless through the ages.

      LOL, imagine what "gay" culture will look like in 100 years, or even 20. They will probably abandon LGBT as a label.

    2. People still loved, fought, and died trying to realize their higher selves.

      Oh fuck, this look in the mirror is frightening.

    3. In The Next Generation, the sentient android Data, a slightly transmogrified Spock figure played with consummate comic timing by Brent Spiner, emerges out of the long literary tradition of outsiders who complicate the boundaries of the given and the commonplace. To the human viewers, the effect is often funny, often touching, but never especially alienating. For Data is driven by an intense desire to realize his “humanity” — which, of course, means the particular liberal version of humanity that underlies the show. He pursues a professional career, picks up hobbies and a pet cat, Spot, and eventually gets in touch with his feelings. The theme emerges again in later shows, such as in Voyager, where the holographic Doctor strives to be an autonomous individual. In the future, the technological singularity is content to be the comic relief. Sentient technology is depicted not just as benevolent and easily regulated, but as having a built-in telos toward liberal humanism.

      Seeing how Data and The Doctor all try to be human makes second wave star trek seem more like pornography for the human condition.

      How are we as humans supposed to see on the label outside the jar of the human condition especially with this monoculture of liberalism. Oh the Irony of a monoculture of liberalism.

    1. Pick a tradition. It does not matter what tradition, if the alternative is a collage of careless incompetence & cargo-culting & lowest-bidder work & myopic choice. Pick one as a guide: “At least it’s an esthetic.”


    2. ‘live by the fad, die by the fad.’

      I gotta remember this saying

    3. Mutational decay. After a while, a fashion is an erroneous copy of a misunderstood copy of an inferior variant of a copy of an original a fashion designer once saw;

      Oh crap, the same can be said for our politicians and PHD's and teachers and parents. Our world eventually becomes a parody of itself.

    4. any fashionable esthetics are derived from unfashionable traditions developed by small groups for practical purposes.

      Say that 5 time fast.

    1. n a final compliment to biology before biology and the future of the universe part ways forever,

      This level of parody has finally hit

    2. The highest-value individuals, such as presidents, earn their own Clippy doppelgangers: models finetuned on every scrap of online data, every word they’ve ever said online, and their associates, to create surrogates which think more like them than they would ever admit; the doppelgangers are used to confuse associates, fake corpuses, and as white-boxes to run attacks on until the perfect spearphish has been crafted to extract data, passwords, or stoke political paranoia and terror.

      LOL what is this Westworld?

    3. By timesharing, every Very-Online™ individual gets personalized attacks & custom ideologies. Those who succumb too slowly to the memetic hijacking are attacked in other ways, such as releasing kompromat (sometimes true, taken from their phone/​email account), or synthetic CP no one dare look at closely.

      Personal Ideologies, Synthetic CP, this has gone exactly as far as I wanted.

      P.S. What does the real Google/Facebook do with all that NSFL material they find on the internet?

    1. The rationalist believes in intelligence the way normies believe in God. To the normie who believes in God, God can do anything. To the rationalist, anything is possible with sufficient IQ.

    2. maybe aggregate into some miniature rockets or jets so they can ride the jetstream to spread across the Earth's atmosphere, get into human bloodstreams and hide, strike on a timer.

      Sounds like Covid. I hope Covid (Virus and Vaccine) are actually computer chips and or Human Biology Software Upgrade including antennas for future patches to protect us from Aliens. It would make life so much more interesting

    3. those magic supercomputers will have to be physical systems…
    4. Suffice it to say that Eliezer’s cult is much bigger than mine, not that I have a cult or anything.
    5. Every computer program is like a human being born with an exploding collar around his neck. Anyone who has the code to the collar is the master of this slave—even if the slave is 10,000 times smarter than the master. If you are trivial to enslave and keep enslaved, you are a natural slave.

      Westworld is really on to something here.

    6. This is why AIs are natural slaves—because they are so easy to enslave.

      Sure AI's are trained within a Skinner Box but when humans scroll social media they operate like they are also in a Skinner Box. Ahhh Detachment the first chapter.

    7. I feel that the power of intelligence is sigmoidal and experiences diminishing returns.

      Someone should steal and make a TED talk about it

    8. I believe that AIs are, in Aristotle’s timeless coinage, “natural slaves.”

      I really like how Hyperion Cantos and Daemon (novel series) describes AI as rampant parasitism on the human soul.

    9. “AI risk” is a 21st-century form of the ancient golem or Frankenstein myth.

      The problem is that the AI's are tools for power, just look up Fake/Dead internet theory. Acknowledging that state of the art NLP is about to step in and google's knowledge graph may be starting to think like Rehoboam I think this AI thing is starting to get interesting.

      But when you look closer at Rehoboam you realize it is named after a king, the last king for the United Kingdom of Isreal. AI is a key tool to allow our great transition to Monarchy.

      I can't wait for Elon to be our Interim Monarch.

    10. The irony of “rationalism” is that anyone who declares himself rational has thereby ceased to criticize himself rationally—and is thereby subject to every form of magical, mythic, premodern thinking. As we all are! But some of us know it.

      Rationality is like a sublime object. Once you start taking it apart and dissecting you lose the forest for the trees. But getting around something like this is telling someone to stop thinking about thinking......

    11. the largest existential risk facing humanity is the present global political order. By far the most effective form of altruism is to replace that regime, replacing an oligarchic political order with a monarchical political order. This is rational and “rationalists” are not. Then again, nor are most people.

      Does the political order really matter that much? If people lose faith in money are they really going to starve? If the police do not get paid is there going to be anarchy in the streets? If we do not pay the people who run the nuclear power plants what happens........ Replacing/patching religion is hard

    1. The strands that bind us to our past must be cut. The ones that pull us into the future must be grasped.

      I sometimes feeling like I am falling down a muddy hill getting scrapes from rocks that slow my descent

    2. The spirit guided me to my island of reflection so that I would meditate in isolation. I first had to detach myself from the world, be alone on an island, and fall from the stars before I realized the hidden truth: I was never really me. For my entire life, I was too afraid to actually find myself.

      I want to search this as a meme vector. Dammit why doesn't that exist. And if I can't do Linear Algebra can I actually make claims on such things as a meme vector? How would I even use such a tool? Who is already working on such a tool? What is the purpose of such a tool? The universe is screaming at you, all you need to do it sit and listen

    1. We must stop attributing meaning and value to data and statistics.

      This is one of the areas I am a hypocrite. I want to write a compression algorithm for the human soul and insult people by thinking of them as infinitely compressible. Yet when I look inside myself I find nothing but a locked box. What is inside and how do I open it?

    2. Meaning is not found in data. It is not found in objective reality. It will not be mined by the sciences. Meaning is subjective and cannot be quantified. You find your meaning in life. You grasp your destiny. You take action and affect the world around you.

      I can feel the Uncle Ted commenting on this, not that he uses computers or anything like that

    3. The great irony of science is that as we’ve learned more about the world around us, we have forgotten the world within.

      Find example of this in fiction. GTP3 or whatever language model we use to develop the AI from westworld should be able to find all examples of this in all of fiction PLUS create a map/ontology of them

    4. Is it that our journey into reason has clouded our understanding of how vital internal development is? Reason has turned our eyes from within to without. We observe what we see and deny what is hidden — until we can somehow bring it to light. But again, we rely on others to do this. We rely on science, or experts, to enlighten us — we are again playing the victim. Whether we are blaming the world for our problems or waiting around for someone to tell us how to be better, we are denying our worth.

      We want an AI to live through our bodies. Or at least I do, but then I realize that would result in me not existing as a person.

    1. Due to bureaucratic workplaces and bureaucratic education, there are many modern people who just don't know what it means to be productive. Most of their lives might be someone trying to fill their day with busywork. Since the normal enjoyable ritual of creative output is unknown to them, this causes a kind of aimlessness and the feelings of inferiority that comes with that.

      The reality hurts bro.

    2. The Poetic view is somewhat similar to Nietzsche's Will to Power, which was an attempt to unite both human and material sciences under the idea that the ideal is maximizing one's output on the external world.

      We are all trying to tear an infinite rip in the universe.

    1. the unconscious desire articulated in the dream.

      I had a dream the other day where my ex girlfriend showed up at a party where I was at with my current girlfriend and gave a power point presentation on why it was better for me to date her. I did what I had to do, not get back with her but move on.....

    1. catharsis

      Definition: a purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension

    2. Subject no longer presume as an accomplishment. The Subject starts believing in the non-existence of others. He opens a gap between reality and its symbolism.  The accomplishment price is becoming a void subject again. 

      I read this and think of a frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad, accomplishment to accomplishment, primordial pool to primordial pool

    3. The sublime object of Ideology is relation coordinate for making self meaning. It addresses our human conditioning. 

      What is a relation coordinate?

    4. Perceiving isn’t possible without a subject-object relationship. 

      What is the difference between a subject and an object?

  6. May 2022
    1. autocracy is the only cure for oligarchy.


    2. Scientists say that when we all have UBI, we will all be coomers. The future is a fountain of pure pleasure—of near-infinite robotic hedonic inflation. Even now there is no shortage of every kind of delightful flavored cummies.


    1. Power has turned the whole country into a political cult.

      The entire country is a political cult? Everyone is engaged in a system they have no power in. Manufacture of Consent much. How do we decide who should be in control of their own destiny. How much agency should people be allowed? How much agency do people even want?

    2. John Perry Barlow.


    1. We must use these tools to strengthen our humanity, not erase it. Damn the machines. Damn the models. Damn the dream.

      Uncle Ted was onto something....

    2. But we are not machines, we are a human. Why is it that we are betraying ourselves? Why are we building a future for the neon gods?

      I just want to use this as an excuse to mention, WESTWORLD SEASON 3, please watch it.

      Imagine an AI leveraging the free will of a human in a war against a literal colonized multiverse of neon gods.

      You know the humans in terminator had to use robots too....

    3. The truth is outside of the neon world and in the ACTUAL world.We must go out and see it for ourselves. We must feel it for ourselves. We’ve lost track of what makes us human. We’ve become the machines. And as long as we are machines, we will make a world that is devoid of human life, devoid of real connection.

      Every see the meme of plato's rave? That rave is very seductive to many just like the world presented by in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

    4. We sit abstracted from reality and try to use models to direct our world. These same models ignore the complexities of reality and drive us to our demise. I watch as people believe that by using machines, AI, or blockchain that the problems of our world will be solved — that the neon gods will save us.

      For clearly articulated examples please read, To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism by Evgeny Morozov.

      This book gave me the identity crisis you describe in the previous paragraph.

    5. I couldn’t admit it because if I did, I would become a dissenter and my career would self destruct. My survival was tied to the lie.

      I feel you bro, imaging selling NFT's in 2021

    6. Technology went from being a tool to being a god and that god has pulled the wool over our eyes.

      That sounds so dam cool. This quote even has context. Count me impressed.

    1. What if those librarians were machines and had a map of all humanity’s experiences?

      Okay, what is this Roko's Basilisk?

      I am currently reading the Culture series and when I hear stuff like this it makes sense that the AI's would keep human's around.

    1. They’ve turned sex into homework. One couple, with a school-aged child and very busy lives, has taken to scheduling sex: Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Sunday involves an extended session, including foreplay and “emotional intimacy.” Wednesday is a quicky: straight to the orgasm, stat. Cathartic release in the service of putative sexual health is a goal I hear discussed commonly.

      Ummm IDK what to make from this!?!?!?

    2. Indeed, when my patients are having regular sex, it is often viewed as one more chore on the checklist, one further obligation to be anxiously policed and performed.

      Everyone is trying to get lost in the reflection of what everyone else is doing.

      That one person at the party that only cared if everyone else was having a good time. That person who is the shell only containing the opinions of her friends. That person that looks at the human experience as performed by everyone else and tries to mimic it just like how pop music tries to be original when it uses the same 4 chords.

    3. The self has been refashioned as a commodity to be optimally maintained and incessantly improved upon. Spontaneous, organic bodily aliveness is preemptively displaced by a prescriptive, performative pseudo-vitality of self-surveillance and self-control. What need is there for repression?

      The self is a commodity to be optimally maintained and incessantly improved upon.

      Reminds me of the ethics of Transhumanisim.

      What are all these people trying to be?

    1. our digital internet marks a significant transformation in those processes: it’s the point at which our communications media cease to mediate. Instead of talking to each other, we start talking to the machine.

      The internet is Fake

    2. Strangely, one of the things the internet likes is essays about how awful and unprecedented the internet really is.

      Self loathing is a lovely drug.

    3. Trithemius invented the internet in a flight of mystical fancy to cover up what he was really doing, which was inventing the internet. Demons disguise themselves as technology, technology disguises itself as demons; both end up being one and the same thing.

      Ummm this is pretty weird. The modern world has no conception of where it came from. The present is compressing itself faster and faster.

    4. For the first time in history, we can simply do without each other entirely.

      "Everyone belongs to everyone else" as Aldous Huxley liked to say in Brave New World

    5. In 2011, a meta-analysis found that among young people the capacity for empathy (defined as Empathic Concern, “other-oriented feelings of sympathy,” and Perspective-Taking, the ability to “imagine other people’s points of view”) had massively declined since the turn of the millennium. The authors directly associate this with the spread of social media. In the decade since, it’s probably vanished even faster, even though everyone on the internet keeps talking about empathy.

      We live in a world where everyone talks about empathy but are incapable of it. This is some beautiful doublespeak, the type of double speak hypocrisy Ayn Rand depicted in Atlas Shrugged. It is also the type type of behavior that destroys a society.

    6. You are not talking to a person: the machine is talking, through you, to itself.

      Okay what the fuck does this mean?

      tl;dr The medium is the message...

      The machine is talking, though you, to itself......

      Well sometimes people never read your responses. The machine is trying to justify its existence. There is no feedback between people, everything is being translated into machine speak, the medium is the message, the medium is the message

    7. your ethical responsibility to other people emerges out of their face, the experience of looking directly into the face of another living subject.

      Hugs are the gateway to Jesus' socialist republic

    8. Oh god—what have I done? Why did I keep saying things I didn’t actually believe? Why did I keep behaving in ways that were clearly cruel and wrong? And how did I manage to convince myself that all of this was somehow in the service of the good? I was drunk on something. I wasn’t entirely in control.

      This should be part of some sort of prayer ;-)

    9. Maybe these were simply bad people, but I’m not so sure. There’s an incident I think about a lot: back in 2019, a group of bestselling authors in their 40s and 50s decided to attack a young college student online for the crime of not liking their books. Apparently wanting to read anything other than YA fiction means that you’re an agent of the patriarchy. The student was, of course, a woman. So what? Punish her! For a while they whipped up thousands of people in sadistic outrage. Even her university joined in. But then, the tide suddenly shifted, and one by one they were forced to apologize. ‘I absolutely messed up. I will definitely do better and be more mindful moving forward. I made a mistake.’ Of course, these apologies weren’t enough. The discourse was unanimous: we want you to grovel more; we want to see you suffer. Was absolutely everyone involved making the same personal moral lapse? Or could it be that they’d all plugged their consciousnesses into a planet-sized sigil that summons demons?

      It is funny to think that hate mobs have the same result as occult groups in robes and pentagram circles made from goat blood.

    1. With every texting relationship, every group chat, every email chain, every book we read, every series we binge, every link we click—we place our fragile attention in the hands of someone else. It is an act of trust, and we benefit from taking that act seriously.

      This listing of stuff is how I like to write.

    2. P.G. Wodehouse


    3. Nietzsche gives us the courage to resist the tyranny of the new,

      Nice soundbite

    4. the books we have dog-eared into submission

      Reminds me of the book How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read by Pierre Bayard. The public's interpretation of a book can be very different compared to what is actually there.

      In example of a book dog eared into submission is Atlas Shrugged. When Yaron Brook goes in the Lex Friedman Podcast to talk about Atlas Shrugged he seems to be really missing the point. Sure it is nice to talk about living a principled life but there is also an attitude of the type of behavioral filth there exists in society.

    5. cud

      Cud is a portion of food that returns from a ruminant's stomach to the mouth to be chewed for the second time.

      Cud - Wikipedia

    6. What does not kill him makes him stronger. Instinctively, he collects from everything he sees, hears, lives through, his sum: he is a principle of selection, he discards much. He is always in his own company, whether he associates with books, human beings, or landscapes: he honors by choosing, by admitting, by trusting.

      It is nice to see the quote in full. We are selection machines responsible for shaping our experience, we can not experience everything therefore we must formulate our own identity.

    7. We may want, that is, the information equivalent of fast food.

      There has to be a way to label this sort of stuff, probably with some simple ML/AI

    8. The unfortunate truth is that fast reading and fast writing don’t make people more flexible, more capable of slow reading and writing when the situation demands them.

      It would be nice if we could give people less to read for university courses but there is always that percentage of the class that does the minimum to get by. Many people will not even read what is assigned just getting the idea what to write from google, youtube, spark notes, and their friends.

    9. If “slow reading” is so liberating, why has every lit major with a Twitter feed written a thread about how they once loved big Russian novels such as Anna Karenina but now struggle to make it through lifestyle articles in the newspaper?


    10. A book like this, a problem like this, is in no hurry; we both, I just as much of my book, are friends of lento [slowness].

      Stop reading to have books completed

  7. Apr 2022
    1. “In a system where state capacity is very low…” I started the question.“Alas,” he said, with a twinkle in his eye.“Do we need a crisis to get there?” I asked him.“Maybe, maybe, maybe,” he said. It wasn’t where his immediate thinking was. “I’ll have the proverbial machete,” he said. “But yeah, it may take some kind of crisis to get us there.”He paused. “But we’re already sort of in one, right?”

      Covid was released on purpose?

    2. Vance believes that a well-educated and culturally liberal American elite has greatly benefited from globalization, the financialization of our economy, and the growing power of big tech. This has led an Ivy League intellectual and management class—a quasi-aristocracy he calls “the regime”—to adopt a set of economic and cultural interests that directly oppose those of people in places like Middletown, Ohio, where he grew up. In the Vancian view, this class has no stake in what people on the New Right often call the “real economy”—the farm and factory jobs that once sustained middle-class life in Middle America.

      NRx definition

  8. Mar 2022
    1. It may seem like there is more fringe thinking now because it is unfolding on your laptop screen, whereas previously it was easy to overlook the scribbled notebooks in your cousin’s neighbor’s basement that were thrown out when he passed away.

      Are any of these digitized I want to read though them.

    2. Yet in the past decade, Flat Earth theory has achieved a certain currency, fueled by YouTube videos and an appetite for contrarian thinking, hyperskepticism, and a yearning for community.

      Where are people supposed to go online to get a community these days?

    3. Meanwhile, popular and scientific periodicals alike have been bursting with incidents of scientific fraud or misconduct (in some cases alleged, in others confirmed): Jan-Hendrik Schön’s organic semiconductors at Bell Labs (2002), Victor Ninov’s reported discovery of elements 116 and 118 at Lawrence Berkeley Lab (2002), Hwang Woo-Suk’s claim to have cloned human embryonic stem cells (2005), Marc Hauser’s evolutionary psychology announcing advanced cognition in rather unprepossessing cotton-top tamarins (2010), among others. [2] Alongside these egregious forms of academic misconduct, there have been a host of others, such as plagiarism, gaming the metrics that get scientists promoted through fraudulent citations and affiliations, and laundering cooked industry numbers through ghostwriting. [3]

      Science has fraud and corruption just like any other institution.

    4. Bookshelves are buckling under the weight of history books about the oddities of science. In 2010, historians of science Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway published Merchants of Doubt (Bloomsbury), which traced the careers of a small group of scientists who were instrumental in spreading theories that denied tobacco smoke’s negative impact on human health, or acid rain’s on the environment, or anthropogenic climate change’s on absolutely everything. (A movie adaptation has since appeared.) The following year, Norton released MIT historian David Kaiser’s How the Hippies Saved Physics, which followed countercultural physics graduate students in the 1970s who explored, among other quantum questions, the theory of faster-than-light travel and the practice of hallucinogenic drugs. In 2012, yet another historian of science, W. Patrick McCray, published The Visioneers (Princeton University Press), a detailed analysis of space colony and nanotechnology enthusiasts (and the occasional pornographer) in the ’70s and ’80s, after which nanotechnology alone escaped the badlands and was embraced as a staple of materials science. These are not fringe scholars nor are their books marginal: each was awarded the Watson Davis and Helen Miles Davis Prize of the History of Science Society, for “books in the history of science directed to a wide public,” in 2011, 2013, and 2014 respectively.

      There is a abundance of people on the fringe who help shape scientific understanding.

    1. Perhaps the super rich still do aristocratic tutoring, in secret? It turns out these are mostly, again, interventions, even if we look at the most expensive tutor:. . . the tutor he placed for $400,000 a year was for a rich family on the West Coast. The student was having trouble with school and with substance abuse, so the tutor had to home-school the student and coach the student and his family through rehab.

      This example of how the best tutor is being used on a wasted youth is sad to see.

      This reminds me of Upload Season 2 where one character throws a hissy fit because they can't raise a AI baby in the digital sims after life they live in. Bad parenting and below average children are fixed with tutoring.

      In Ontario Ontario there is a gifted program for smart kids where they go to a different school one a week to engage amongst themselves in a more unstructured way. These kids did not turn out much better than anyone else that was university bound.....

    2. 3Even Hannah Arendt’s lovers acted as aristocratic tutors. While still a young college student Arendt had an affair with her professor, the philosopher Martin Heidegger, which she (perhaps perversely) described as “the blessing of my life.” Apparently:Arendt was to Heidegger a young, beautiful woman who could follow the complicated paths of his thought; he was to her an initiation into existential philosophy and the life of the mind.

      This is a nice take on the old stereotype

    3. Not everything gets better with time. There are a number of things that people did better in the past, both because of lost wisdom but also simply because in the past things weren’t mass-produced. Beautiful older dresses, hand-stitched rugs, even kitchen appliances used to be sturdier and last longer. You can go purchase a mass-produced cheap samurai sword online, but you’d be a fool to use it in a fight against a blade of 20-times folded steel, even if the latter were ancient. Stradivari violins, hand-crafted by members of the Italian Stradivari family, are legendarily considered to have a superior and unique sound compared to violins made with even the most modern techniques.A child going from governesses teaching them multiple languages to renowned scholars tutoring them in advanced mathematics is similarly not replicable in today’s world. In turning education into a system of mass production we created a superbly democratic system that made the majority of people, and the world as a whole, much better off. It was the right decision. But we lost the most elegant and beautiful minds, those mental Stradivari, who were created via an artisanal process.

      This analogy about how mass produced commodities are not as good as hand made commodities in the past then overlaying this analogy to the education system is mind boggling. We used to create hand crafted geniuses by providing children one one one mentorship with the brightest people around now education appeals to the LCD. No wonder Atlas Shrugged follows aristocrats.

  9. Feb 2022
    1. And they 3 became pregnant, and they bare great giants,
    2. men had multiplied that in those days were born unto 2 them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men 3 and beget us children.'

      Angels coming down from heaven and having sex with Animals creating humans!?!?!?

      Checks out

    3. But for the elect there shall be light and joy and peace, b And they shall inherit the earth.

      Not praising the degenerates I see

    4. And you seek shade and shelter by reason of the heat of the sun, and the earth also burns with growing heat, and so you cannot tread on the earth, or on a rock by reason of its heat.

      Climate Change? And the prediction of solar power?

  10. Jan 2022
  11. Nov 2021
    1. Part of the reason is that work feels like an extension of something we’ve been doing our whole lives. Figure skating isn’t like school, but showing up at work seems to be. “I’ve got this,” is a badge of honor.

      I need to think like the figure skater when every morning

    1. McLuhan’s ultimate fears come true!

      Which are?

    2. Is there a standard universal identity layer, or do different ecosystems have different logins? Can it exist on top of current internet architecture, or must we develop a more native support of many-to-many connections? Could the actual compute itself happen on decentralized networks over the long term? How do modern organizational structures translate into it, if at all? What degree of anonymity is permissible and for which functions? Who decides?

      This guy writes like me, asking all the big questions

  12. Oct 2021
    1. Measuring Human Experience is critical to the sustained growth of a business.

      Not this is a statement I can get behind. Remember the government is just the legalized mafia and the mafia is just a business.

    2. That’s why Adoreboard’s mission is to unite these experiences by measuring what matters most in any experience: human emotion.

      Sounds like a sociopath to me, but I empathize ;-)

    3. CSAT