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  1. Oct 2023
    1. an open problem really is and a 00:44:38 really good question is how we are defining a word and the unit the unit of analysis and so at the moment we are using our human discretion to to determine this in many cases like where 00:44:52 does a single Beluga call start and end um we're limited by our own perceptual abilities and what we can hear and and see in a spectrogram and so that does leave some room for error
      • for: perspectival knowing, example - perspectival knowing, situatedness, example - situatedness, interspecies communication - perspectival knowing

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        • situated within our own species, we are interpreting the signs from other species from OUR HUMAN PERSPECTIVE
        • this requires deep unpacking and brings up deep philosophical questions about what it means to be a species X
        • what's it like to be a bat? Unless we have the bat's physiology, neural structure, etc, how could we ever know how to interpret how a bat experiences reality?
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