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    1. (Crooks, 1933; De Zouche, 1945; Kirschenbaum, Simon, & Napier, 1971; Linder, 1940; Marshall, 1968)
    1. school often neatly reinforces the hierarchies of our socio-economic world

      Though it came out a few years after the texts listed in the previous paragraph, Randall Collins’s Credential Society would be relevant.

    2. The phrase comes from his 1973 book Tools for Conviviality, published just 2 years after the book he’s probably best known for, Deschooling Society.  These are just two of a number of very interesting, progressive if not radical texts about education from roughly the same period: Paul Goodman’s Compulsory Mis-education (1964). Jonathan Kozol’s Death at an Early Age (1967). Neil Postman’s Teaching as a Subversive Activity (1969). Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed (first published in Portuguese in 1968 and in English in 1970). Everett Reimer’s School is Dead (1971).
    1. series of radical educational paperbacks, published by Penguin in the series Penguin Education Specials in the 1970’s. These included: Paulo Freire Pedagogy of the Opprressed ; Paul Goodman Compulsory Miseducation; Ivan Illich De-Schooling Society; Everett Reimer School is Dead. 
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    1. a number of text-mining tools aimed at supporting biomedical text extraction, fact finding and text summarization. Some of the better-known or more widely used tools include EBIMed (4), CiteXplore (5) and GoPubMed (6)

      would be good to check these out