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    1. No âmbito jurisprudencial, esta Corte Superior admite, nos termosdo art. 17 do CDC, a existência da figura do consumidor por equiparação nashipóteses de danos ambientais. Nesse sentido: CC 143.204/RJ, SEGUNDA SEÇÃO,julgado em 13/04/2016, DJe 18/04/2016; REsp 1354348/RS, QUARTA TURMA,julgado em 26/08/2014, DJe 16/09/2014; AgInt no REsp n. 1.833.216/RO, QuartaTurma, julgado em 20/9/2021, DJe de 27/9/2021; AgInt nos EDcl no CC132.505/RJ, SEGUNDA SEÇÃO, julgado em 23/11/2016, DJe 28/11/2016.
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    1. network norms shape people’s attitudes and behaviors in ways that can support and/or oppose violence and abuse.  In networks where social norms are tolerant of abuse, individuals who speak out against it pay a price in social capital.

      Is there data on this? What research has been done looking at networks and bystander intervention behaviors and/or beliefs? This would be a very interesting project.

    1. ystander behaviors can tell us there is a difference, but not much more.

      How would you analyze this via SNA? What networks would shape bystander intervention? Networks at the party? Personal or friendship networks? Networks on campus? Could you think about doing something on this for your small paper?