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  1. Apr 2020
  2. Jul 2019
    1. Microcelebrity refers to the affective capital engendered and commodified by various social and new media platforms where identity and brand are merged and measured in likes, shares, follows, comments and so on.
  3. Oct 2018
    1. “Why is the Prime Minister silent?… It was he who had overturned the (earlier) deal… It was an unauthorised action on the part of the Prime Minister without the mandate from the Cabinet Committee on Security. So he has to answer.”

      the indian express rafale; N

    2. senior party leader Anand Sharma said he had violated the oath of confidentiality regarding the deal. “Only he could have told Anil Ambani that HAL (the PSU first expected to be part of the Rafale deal) will be out and he would strike a deal to buy 36 jets and ‘You (Ambani) go and talk to Dassault Aviation’,” Sharma said.

      the indian express rafale; N

  4. Aug 2018
    1. People think they want celebrities to speak honestly, but we’re not really that happy when they do.

      Definition of celebrity : one who is coddled and rarely said no to.

    2. I heard a rumor that she

      Don't these types of things happen to EVERY celebrity?

  5. Jan 2017
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  7. Oct 2013
    1. Fame means being respected by everybody, or having some quality that is desired by all men, or by most, or by the good, or by the wise.

      I love how things have changed. One of the most talked about people in the media right now is known simply for acting like a slut on an award show. Aristotle, you would be so let down.