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  1. Nov 2021
    1. ́hese notesW generally presented in the order of the text from whichthey were producedW are often called adversariaY

      epitome or abridgment entails summarizing or paraphrasing the original text. These notes generally presented in the order of the text from which they were produced, are often called adversaria.

    2. trancis pacon outlined the two principal methods ofnote taking in a letter of advice to tulke urevilleW who was seeking to hireone or more research assistants in qambridge around ]cggh “ve that shallout of his own ”eading gather [notes] for the use of anotherW must Sas wthinkT do it by spitomeW or obridgmentW or under veads and qommonfllacesY spitomes may also be of ‘ sortsh of any one ortW or part of ynowledgeout of many pooksi or of one pook by itselfY”

      Quoted in Vernon F Snow “Ftrancis Bacon's Advice to Fulke Greville on Research Techniques," Huntington Library Quarterly 23, no.4 (1960): 370.