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  1. May 2024
    1. Putin looks at the borders of the old Russian Empire and he wants to roll back the clock to 00:14:49 1918

      for - adjacency - colonialism - polycrisis - geopolitics - Russia Ukraine War

      adjacency - between - colonialism - Russia - Putin - geopolitics - Russia Ukraine war - adjacency relationship - Putin violated the US rule of keeping bloodshed and abuse in your own country by attacking the Ukraine in the manner that it did - Putin is acting as a colonialist to try to rebuild the borders of the Soviet Union

    2. for - geopolitics - Russia Ukraine war - polycrisis - russia war - metacrisis - russia war - Jake Broe - Russia Ukraine war analysis

      summary - An intelligent analysis of the complexity of the Russia- Ukraine war. - Key points: - Russia's successful misinformation campaign has - created the MAGA disinformed political party and has - delayed the US Aid package - enabled the rapid rise of extreme right wing politics

    1. for - polycrisis - Russia Ukraine war - game analysis

      summary - A simplified but interesting economic game analysis of the trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine war. - Drones have become a critical technology in this war and especially their mobile and cost advantage over much heavier, more expensive and slow-moving Russian equipment. - Drones conserve Ukrainian soldiers and minimize risk substantially. The 3 million drones being manufactured this year will likely accelerate the destruction of the Russian economy, bringing the war closer to ending. - Russia is critically dependent on its oil and gas industry and with the major destruction of its refineries, it will no longer be able to finance the war.

  2. Mar 2024