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  1. Nov 2021
  2. Aug 2020
    1. Authenticity, and the lack of it, was a concern of Shandling's; he told me in 2010 when the complete series was released on home video that "Sanders" was conceived as a way of “looking internally at myself, which meant taking a show and looking at it internally.

      Link to Markey Ad.

    1. The ad feels so fresh and uncannily cool—it even samples the Nine Inch Nails song used in “Old Town Road”—that some people could barely believe it represents a politician. Slate called it the most “incomprehensibly thrilling ad” of 2020. “Political ad goes viral for actually being inspiring,” Mashable’s headline read. One man tweeted that it made him want to “march into hell to defend ed markey from dynastic usurpers.” Another gushed that the ad makes him so fired up that “it makes me want to run through a brick wall.”

      But they're ADs! Why do people today see authenticity in something so obviously inauthentic? Is it the natural result of "social media"?

  3. Jun 2020
  4. May 2019
    1. Talking openly about the things that you geekout over is one way to cultivate trust and builda relationship

      Agreed! I'm disheartened by advice some teachers, especially those new to the profession, get to avoid smiling until March because doing so would erode their authority.

  5. Feb 2019
    1. when we pretend lo teach others what we do not understand our !\elves

      again with the authenticity

    2. You disdain the base ungenerous Prnctice of pretending Kindness where you really mean none

      She seems to really care about authenticity in rhetoric.

  6. Jun 2018
    1. Digital writing requires us to rethink interdisciplinarity and the ways that students can integrate numerous tools in their effort to create dynamic, multimedia texts.

      This quote needs an image too. So true.

    2. pushing them to create their own knowledge and contribute thoughtfully to ongoing academic and civic conversations

      contribute thoughtfully, connect kindly, and go boldly... I think Troy's words here are the umbrella goal. Don't you?

  7. Mar 2018
    1. It is repetitive and redundant to a fault

      I think the "lifelessness" of recordings is maybe too extreme. It makes sense, but it overly simplifies original and recordings, possibly by neglecting agency of the audience? What would we call a reproduction of a song only ever heard live, and only ever performed live? Is that live performance of another's live song then dead, because it is attempting to reproduce an ephemeral moment, but is also itself an ephemeral moment? I think this complicates the binary, but I'm not sure lol

  8. Sep 2016
    1. Increasing access to information and the ability to network and share ideas

      Those of us who see forward believe this; in the factory model schools, teachers see no reason to share. I fear this is still more common than not.

      Unfortunately, that then extends to students. School is artificial with little authenticity.

  9. Sep 2014
    1. The same way an engagement ring is an honest token of a man's commitment to his future spouse, an expensive ad campaign is an honest token of a company's commitment to its product line.

      Gah! Awful.

      As soon as you think such a signal is valuable, it becomes a tool of deception.

      That's why we've seen some backlash against flashy promotion toward a nostalgic, faux low budget, "authentic" aesthetic.

  10. May 2014
    1. Justice Kennedy’s advice for atheists and others who object to such prayers is “just leave the room.” My initial response is that anyone who takes their faith seriously and takes prayer seriously should also consider leaving the room.