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  1. Jun 2024
    1. soles, of his throat, of the bottom of his forearms, which hadn’t really beenexposed to much sun. Almost a light pink, as glistening and smooth as theunderside of a lizard’s belly. Private, chaste, unfledged, like a blush on anathlete’s face or an instance of dawn on a stormy night. It told me thingsabout him I never knew to ask

      Motif of skin introduced in CMBYN, where Oliver's duality of skin, tanned, and pink and untouched represents the multidimensionality of identity, and the contradictions that exist within him -- which is what fascinates Elio. The coexistence of both contradictions in such a beautiful, whole, masterpiece who has affinities leaping out of him is enlightening for Elio. Elio may see Oliver as an Elio who he wishes to mature into.

    2. I could grow to like him, though. From rounded chin to rounded heel.Then, within days, I would learn to hate him.

      Does this foreshadow the duality and complexity of their relationship? Because there is a period of time when Elio is in an internal conflict with his desire and lack of desire for Oliver.

  2. May 2024
    1. he threw me a very large one, saying, “Yours,”

      He is giving himself to Elio much like he partook in enjoying himself via. the Apricot juice, because perhaps he sees himself in Elio, and thus can share himself with the other?

    2. He had never had apricotjuice in his life. She stood facing him with her salver flat against her apron,trying to make out his reaction as he quaffed it down. He said nothing atfirst. Then, probably without thinking, he smacked his lips.

      He just downed a glass of his own fluid, and enjoyed it... Does this mean love and sexual desire is a desire targeted at loving oneself?

    3. What struck me was not just his amazing gift for reading people, forrummaging inside them and digging out the precise configuration of theirpersonality, but his ability to intuit things in exactly the way I myself mighthave intuited them. This, in the end, was what drew me to him with acompulsion that overrode desire or friendship or the allurements of acommon religion.

      Evidence that religion, sexuality, and all the shallow ideas of romance is not enough to define their relationship -- it is their similar intuition, and his amazing gift for reading people. Also.. this is like Sammy!!!

  3. Apr 2024
    1. I had put reading last on my list, thinking that, with the willful, brazenattitude he’d displayed so far, reading would figure last on his.

      An assumption, like many others (such as the bathing suit situation) about Oliver's identity that is quickly refuted, because identities never make sense. A person as a whole cannot be summarized in rules or statements or if.. then.. conditions.