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    1. he channels Echo often in the novel whenhe describes his contemplative repetitions of things Oliver says to him in his dreams or inactuality. He has a dream that Oliver says, “you’ll kill me if you stop,” which happens in hisdreams on various other occasions, and Elio holds onto this phrase until the two of them finallyconsummate their love and Elio repeats the phrase aloud several times

      Basically, Echo is reinforcing the idea of interpersonal identification. Although in the dream Oliver says "you'll kill me if you stop", the phrase is actually said by Elio -- showing how they desire one another both to have each other but also to be one another. Through the exchanging and replacing of words. How do words and speech represent or shape identity?

  2. May 2024
    1. he threw me a very large one, saying, “Yours,”

      He is giving himself to Elio much like he partook in enjoying himself via. the Apricot juice, because perhaps he sees himself in Elio, and thus can share himself with the other?