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  1. Jun 2022
    1. While the brief explanation provides information about the social context, more information about the creator and their intention would help understand more about the background of the object and its significance personally to the creator.

      I second this statement. Description that sheds light on the personal relationship between the object and the creator creates an exclusive value to the object. Uncle Tom's Cabin Vase surely is not the only masterpieace created during the anti-slavery movements, so what makes it stand out can only boil down to the specific situation that inspired the creator to give birth to the it.

    1. inclusion of metadata such as MIME types, file sizes, and a permalink would be great for the digital age

      This suggestion is such a great idea that comes from a careful observation. I cannot agree more with what you've experienced visiting these object pages. What they do is provide a framework with an abundance of data categorization; however, the data they input is not enough for a deeper analysis. An example of this is the first one that I visited, David and Deborah Gavrin Frangquist, recording from Carleton College Archives. They have 5 recordings embedded on the page, yet the description of these recordings are fairly basic. You are required to contact the Carleton Archives' administration to get further information: People are usually more excited about learning as much detailed knowledge as possible on their own, especially researchers, and having to contact a third party can be quite reluctant and time-consuming. In this way, the objects presented are likely to be neglected and objects with more meticulous interpretations can easily replace. Thanks for including a permalink to MIME types. Your suggestion really adds significant value to these pages, making them increasingly self-sufficient and attractive to people who are interested in conducting research about them. It definitely helps explain the concept of your solution well to a viewer like me, who did not know about the existence of this string and its amazing function.

  2. Jan 2022
  3. Mar 2021
      • Leadership et gestion
      • Comptabilité, stratégie et données
      • Protéger les actifs vitaux, fermer les livres correctement, assure la conformité
      • L’efficacité des finances de l’organisation
      • Élaborer des plans à long terme pour améliorer les performances financières de l’entreprise
      • Conduire des initiatives d'amélioration des affaires pour maintenir la compétitivité de l'entreprise
      • Conseiller le CEO et l'équipe de direction sur toutes les questions relatives à la performance financière et fournir des conseils sur la stratégie financière
      • Mettre en œuvre des systèmes financiers solides et élaborer des procédures
      • Diriger le processus de budgétisation, de prévision et de planification
      • S'assurer que la documentation légale et réglementaire est déposée, et surveiller les contrôles internes et le respect des lois et règlements
  4. May 2020
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  6. Sep 2019
    1. We need to position instructional designers so they are receiving equitable pay for the expertise and efforts that they bring to the table. Finally, we need more transparent job descriptions so that potential employers and employees can assess whether it will be a good fit before the instructional designer is hired. Right now, I'm seeing a lot of people falling out of positions quickly just because the skill sets, job responsibilities, and expectations just didn't line up."7

      Interesting to think that the job descriptions are not transparent. What do others post then? Looking at Higher Ed Jobs site below is a job posting. Notice the word "Evaluation" arugh!


      UD is currently seeking an Instructional Designer. The Instructional Designer is responsible for assisting in development and evaluation of online, hybrid, and on-campus education courses and resources. The Instructional Designer works closely with faculty and staff to design online courses and/or course material. Additional responsibilities include departmental instructional development projects, web-based and multimedia modules, and performing operational tasks.

      PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES Collaborate with subject matter experts in designing new courses, revising existing courses, developing learning objectives, activities, assessments, rubrics, and provide guidance in instructional design and technology. Apply the principles of Adult Learning Theory, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Learning Styles to the design of all course and training materials. Conduct quality assurance and assessment for existing and newly developed courses providing feedback for improvements. Develop, maintain, and provide professional development opportunities in the areas of instructional design, teaching, and resources to faculty, students, and administrators. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Bachelor’s degree in Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, Adult Learning or a related field. Master’s degree in Instructional Design preferred. Prior experience in an online design at a higher education institution preferred.