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  1. Dec 2015
    1. Option II: No reference to loss and damage (no Article 5).]

      TUVALU urged reinsertion of language on loss and damage that preserves the issue as an independent article.

    2. Recognizing that Parties should take action to address climate change in accordance with [[relevant][evolving economic and emission] trends, which will continue to evolve post-2020] [and the principles and provisions of the Convention],

      On purpose (Article 2), VENEZUELA supported “stabilization” of GHG emissions and, with SAUDI ARABIA and PAKISTAN, opposed the inclusion of “decarbonization” and “carbon neutrality.”

    3. [and the Central American Isthmus]

      At the end of a preambular paragraph on special needs, EL SALVADOR requested adding “and the Central American isthmus.”

    4. First communication option for agreement5 Option 167: Each Party’s first [NDMC*][INDC] is that listed in [Annex [x] to the Agreement][the registry][the website]. Option 2: Each Party [shall][should] communicate its first [NDMC*][INDC] no later than upon [ratification or acceptance of] [joining] this Agreement. Option 3: No provision on first communication in agreement and/or decision

      On mitigation (Article 3), the EU, supported by Colombia, for AILAC, Maldives, for AOSIS, and the US called for clarifying the date for the submission of contributions.

    5. socially and environmentally sound technologies.

      MEXICO asked that “socially and environmentally sound technology” be reinserted.