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  1. Sep 2016
    1. I must speak honestly about the things that I believe -- the things that we, as Americans, believe

      I think that this would be Hasty Generalization because he is saying what he believes is what all Americans believe. He is using this to bring together America as one.

    2. And in examining his life and his words, I'm sure we both realize we have more work to do to promote equality in our own countries -- to reduce discrimination based on race in our own countries.  And in Cuba, we want our engagement to help lift up the Cubans who are of African descent -- (applause) -- who’ve proven that there’s nothing they cannot achieve when given the chance.

      It is ironic that he speaks of elimination discrimination based on race, but then insinuates that Cubans specifically of African descent have proven to be superior in overcoming adversity. I could be wrong.