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  1. Jan 2023
    1. can exist only through itsessential correspondence with the eye

      The emphasis on a sense of relation or the act of relating to the world around us is a concept Ingold's piece shares with Imbler's work on the "blue blob." Both authors point towards a necessity to recognize the inherent relation one has to the world around them.

    2. Of course there could be no experience of light without the incidence ofradiant energy, or without the excitation of photoreceptors in the retina, butas an affectation of being - as the experience of inhabiting an illuminatedworld - light is reducible to neither.

      The affectation of being is interesting given the nature of stars. Many that hit our eyes no longer exist in the cosmos although they are illuminated to us. However, this painting still seems to hold true even in a temporal sense. In other words put "to stand in place and open one's eyes upon the night sky is not to extend one's being along a continuum" (95). This affectation of being is simultaneous and swirling. In some sense there is the being of the stars being along with the being of ourselves that is simultaneously portrayed in conjoined perspectives.

  2. Sep 2021
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      The container or recipient's significance makes sense; in addition to whatever's found out in the field for subsistence, if 15 hours could cover a full week's worth of supplies, anything surplus would probably have to be stored or carried somehow.

    1. Medium design also potentially expands the repertoire for shifting those conditions that support oppression and ,riolence.

      this refers back to medium design's disdain for the violence inherent in dialectic