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  1. Dec 2022
    1. They wore always skulkin’ round my hut, Just to see what they could get ; But when I faced ‘em, the beggars cut - They hadn’t much pluck, you bet. One night I was smokin’ just outside, When my dog began to bark, And about a dozen spears were shied, As I stood there in the dark. One split my cheek open to my gum, And I’d only time to shut The door, when a mob of blacks they come With a rush right at the hut ? I whipp’d down my gun, and through a crack In the wall, I just let drive Into the blacks, and they bolted back - Well, that’s them as were alive. For one or two of the beggars fell Along of that dose of shot : Twas enough to make you sweat, the yell They gave as they went to pot. I hadn’t so long to tie up my face, When the blacks came back once more In a howling crowd, all round the place, And tried to smash in the door. I let ‘em have it - this time with slugs - And the way them blacks did yell When they got ‘em in their painted mugs Must have scaredup Nick in Hell.

      Instance where Senator Higgs recited "Joe" and John Cash Neild walks out.