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  1. Sep 2021
    1. estate of regeneracy.

      Winthrop uses the phrase "estate of regeneracy" as a way to say to be born again and how they were godly in other words. A way of bringing in biblical ideas into them as they thought they, the Puritans were somehow living through these scriptures during their journey exploring the New World.

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    2. wealthe

      Winthrop believed that the acquisition of wealth and profit was acceptable so long as it was done in the glory of God and for the common good. In other words, he justified the acquisition of wealth in a religious society that it was the duty of members in a society to band together to correct the inequality put forth by God. The act of charity was portrayed as a service to God. He also believed that excessive wealth lead people astray from God.

      Winthrop addressed wealth in "A Model of Christian Clarity" because he called for members of his community so they could establish successful colonies in the face of numerous hardships. This was because many were not willing to share their wealth with others or cooperate. He wanted to place the interests of the community over the interests of the individual.

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