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      WSPA Convention October 16, 2021 Leslie Drozd, PHD, leslie@lesliedrozdphd

      Title: When a Child Resists or Refuses Contact with a Parent.

    1. Dr. Childress agrees with the American Psychiatric Association.
    2. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I have active duty to warn and duty to protect obligations relative to the Gardnerian PAS “experts”. In two separate matters in which I am personally involved, I have an identifiable victim in imminent danger directly as a result of the reckless, unethical, and irresponsible actions of Dr. Bernet, Dr. Lorandos, Ms. Gottlieb, and Dr. Harman.

      Objects to Bernet, Lorandos, Gottlieb, Harman

    3. The Gardnerian PAS “experts” reject the diagnostic guidance of the American Psychiatric Association and they reject the ethical guidance of the American Psychological Association. They are unwise and reckless, and they are practicing substantially outside the boundaries of their professional competence.
    1. Lisa Baker, B.A. (Psychology), M.M. (Jazz Guitar), is a musician/guitarist/songwriter who lives near Chi-cago, Illinois. Ms. Baker has experienced parental alienation in her own family, as she is alien-ated from an adult daughter and grandson. She has been writing songs about parental aliena-tion and is guesting on radio programs to bring awareness for the greater good.Email: lisaanitabaker@live.com
    2. William Bernet, M.D., a forensic child psychiatrist, is professor emeritus at Vanderbilt University Schoolof Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Bernet was the editor of Parental Alienation, DSM-5, andICD-11 and the co-editor of Parental Alienation – Science and Law. He was the founder and firstpresident of Parental Alienation Study Group. Email: william.bernet@vumc.org
    3. J. Michael Bone, Ph.D., a clinical and forensic consultant in Winter Park, Florida, specializes in the prob-lem of parental alienation. Dr. Bone is co-author of The Essentials of Parental Alienation Syn-drome (PAS): It’s Real, It’s Here and It Hurts, a concise overview of parental alienation. His web-site is www.jmichaelbone.com. Email: michael@michaelbone.com
    4. Jennifer J. Harman, Ph.D., an associate professor of social and health psychology at Colorado State Uni-versity, Fort Collins, Colorado, has focused her research on power and intimate relationshipsand, more recently, on how social and cultural institutions impact parental alienation. Dr. Har-man co-authored Parents Acting Badly: How Institutions and Societies Promote the Alienation ofChildren from Their Loving Families. Dr. Harman and Dr. Zeynep Biringen established the Colo-rado Parental Alienation Project, which is at www.facebook.com/parentalalienationproject.Email: jennifer.harman@colostate.edu


    5. Zeynep Biringen, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies atColorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, conducts research on emotional availability inparent–child relationships, attachment, and prevention programming. Dr. Biringen and Dr. Jen-nifer J. Harman co-authored Parents Acting Badly: How Institutions and Societies Promote theAlienation of Children from Their Loving Families and established the Colorado Parental Aliena-tion Project, which is at www.facebook.com/parentalalienationproject.Email: zeynep.biringen@colostate.edu.