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  1. Dec 2018
    1. And my father dwelt in a tent

      Referencing the Fire in the Meeting Tent - A Flame within a Tetrahedron - The Pyre Amid

      One of the shortest verses in the entire BOM but one of the most powerfully significant. It should not be glossed over. It should not go unnoticed that the short phrase refers specifically and solely to Nephi's Father, Lehi. And it is not a random coincidence that it appears on the heels of such a powerful description of internal processes and their outward effects.

      The internal processes described here and their specific effects upon the outward vessels of the characters involved are known as the Flame in the Meeting Tent due to the geometric matching up of symbology with actual workings of the spirit. It is just one way of explaining the interactive relationship between inner and outer, symmetrical and asymmetrical, Maker and Man. And this analogy is one that would be very familiar or easily imagined by most if not all of our ancient ancestors.

      The imagery of a Flame in a Frame is a pure symbol in that both the symbol and the thing symbolized are in essence the same or are likenesses for and of each other. Self similarity is the principle set forth. So we should see that the raging Fire of Life or Light of Christ indwelling Lehi's person projected sufficient energy to protect him from those who would do him harm. Just as it is Lehi's words which project the power from his Fire Within one can draw the direct correlation seeing how literal light projected through a fabric stretched over the pyramidal framework of a turning tetrahedron shape will produce all the letters of the original Hebrew and Arabic alphabets. Even the fractal inlay of the first verse of Genesis as it relates back upon itself to the first word and the first word back upon the first Hebrew letter in the book - This First Word broken down to the meaning embedded within each letter as a pictogram tells us "In-Fire-Six-Thorn" which speaks to the flame nested in the six-sided tetrahedron structure.