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  1. Apr 2015
    1. Subcellular Anatomy Ontology

      The Subcellular Anatomy Ontology has now been subsumed into the Gene Ontology Cell Component ontology. Roncaglia et al. 2013

    2. hrough these relationships, the SAO allows us to relate macromolecules to subcellular structures, parts of cells to a whole cell or to higher-order brain structures.

      These relationships were not subsumed by GO Cell Component.

    3. that takes advantage of first-order logic

      Not sure that this statement is correct, that is, does ontology require the use of first-order logic.

    4. experimental methodologies tend to reveal only a limited aspect of nervous system organization

      "tend"? I wonder why I used such a weak word here. We do not have any experimental methodology that reveals a complete picture of nervous system organization.