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  1. Jul 2017
    1. In my classroom, we spend a lot of time talking about how to summarize a text by finding pertinent points and casting them in one’s own words.

      As a foreing language teacher, we need ti remind our students that information has to be summarize and analize in order to use it.

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      when directing students to google searchs, is important to guide our students to "get their web literacy hat on" this means to use their reading strategies to ensure the information is valid, important and related to our search.

    1. The new literacies of online research and comprehension frames online reading comprehension as a process of problem-based inquiry involving the skills, strategies, dispositions, and social practices that take place as we use the Internet to conduct research, solve problems, and answer ques-tions.

      This is an essential part of PBL, internet research is the essential skill students need to be able to obtain information and analyze their findings.

    1. probe the deepest issues confronting us

      Essential Questions for PBL are the key of the creativity spark in every student.

    1. Bell, S. (2010). Project-based learning for the 21st century: skills for the future. The Clearing House, (2). 39.

      This excellent reserach paper discuss the importance of PBL as a "Learning responsibility, independence, and discipline" for every student.