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  1. Oct 2023
    1. ONEUP

      delegate to dhedge.oneup

    2. CTP

      delegate band excess (now 1000) to dhedge.ctp

      How much CTP can you tip daily?

      100 CTP staked = 0.10 CTP 1000 CTP staked = 0.20 CTP 5000 CTP staked = 0.25 CTP 10000 CTP staked = 0.30 CTP 50000 CTP staked = 0.40 CTP 100k+ CTP staked = 0.50 CTP

    3. ALIVE

      delegate to dhedge.alive

    4. POB

      delegate to dhedge.pob

    5. CENT

      delegate to dhedge.cent

    6. BEE

      delegate to dhedge.bee

    7. NEOXAG

      delegate to dhedge.neoxag

    8. STEM

      delegate to dhedge.stem for passive income

    9. LEO

      Power Up 150 15th of every month

    10. BBH

      Every Saturday I send tokes to people that own BBH. Here is the break down.

      If you own 10 or more BBH up to 4,999 you get dripped Hive(swap.hive).

      If you own 5,000 or more BBH up to 9,999 you get dripped swap.hive and Alive Tokens.

      If you own 10,000 or more BBH you get dripped swap.hive, Alive and $LEO tokens.

      All just for owning BBH.

      You can get BBH two ways, you can buy it of TribalDex or you can have it tipped to you.

      Here is the tipping part:

      In a 24 hour period, reset at new day UTC. There are currently four levels of tipping.

      Level 1 = 1000 BBH holdings = 1 tip per day you can send Level 2 = 5000 BBH holdings = 5 tip per day you can send Level 3 = 20000 BBH holdings = 20 tip per day you can send Level 4 = 50000 BBH holdings = 50 tip per day you can send

      You don't have to stake, just hold. The tip does not come from your holdings but from BBH itself.

      As BBH grows, so will the rewards.

    11. WAIV

      Delegate to dhedge.waiv for passive income