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  1. Jan 2023
    1. we have individual capitalists who try 00:48:45 to make the most profit and this is linked to their capital and productivity so to achieve more in less time and 00:48:57 productivity is linked to energy [Music] the only source of energy to increase profit is carbon oil and gas and this has resulted in a change in our 00:49:15 atmosphere we have to put an entities if we wish to live in our planet can our capitalism do this based on the current data we won't be able to do so 00:49:28 therefore perhaps we should do the following reflection if capitalism is unable to do so either Humanity will die with it or 00:49:42 Humanity will overcome capitalism so that we can live in our planet

      !- Urrego : Key Point - Can capitalism rapidly detour away from fossil fuels? The current data indicates no. So either Humanity does our it drops capitalism

    2. that will be my second point and it's something that is not often mentioned capitalism the capitalism that we have known in the 00:47:54 last 30 40 years overcome the climate crisis that the capitalism helped create it's a rhetorical question but it also makes sense because if the answer is no 00:48:06 then we're wasting our time

      !- Urrego : second point - can the same capitalist logic be used to solve the crisis it created?

    3. I think that sometimes we have false 00:47:14 optimism and this turns into inertia and inaction and lack of political will because we do not wish to fulfill the obligations that we have to meet

      !- Urrego : first Point - we are failing to meet our obligations

    4. I'd like you to share with us some of the ideas and changes you would like to propose both for Colombia as well as 00:46:17 for the global political community

      !- question : for Colombian President Petro Urrego