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  1. Mar 2018
    1. In theorem 1, for the fist time, the sameradius definition is used for both bodies and black holes
    2. The hypothesis of asymptotic flatness is necessary:
    3. A re-gion between two concentric balls is said to beuntrappedifθ+θ−>0 on thatregion. The region it is said to betrappedifθ+θ−<0. The outer boundaryof a trapped region on an asymptotically flat data is called ahorizonand itsatisfiesθ+θ−= 0.

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    4. we restrict ourselves to spherically symmetric initial data where the3-dimensional Riemannian manifold is taken to beR3. We call themreg-ular spherically symmetricinitial data. We also assume that the data areasymptotically flat.
    5. ∂Bbe a sphere centered at the origin with area radiusR. That is,the area of∂Bis given by 4πR2.