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  1. Feb 2018
    1. Lossless and lossy streaming

      No streaming and no inter-frame compression - along the temporal axis... Just bz2, (google's) snappy and zlib...

      It was far more important to focu s our efforts on compressing the depth data . Developing our own algorithm wa s outside the scope of this project, and existing work on depth data compression is not yet sufficiently developed to implement here, so we decided to work with popular and freely available lossless algorithms implemented in C++. We chose three separate algorithms with different performance characteristics. First, the bzip2 algorithm aims for maximum compression with slower speed. A second algorithm developed by Google, snappy , aim s for maximum speed with less compression. Finally the zlib algorithm aims for a middle ground between speed and compression. To test, we compress ed 500 different depth frames with each algorithm and calculate the mean speed and compression ratio for each.