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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Duncan (16) found that less than 5% of the figures in a typical textbook contain data. It is no wonder that students using a traditional and passive textbook do not know how to support their answers with data.

      Absolutely. The question is how to bridge the Perry Scheme so that students are more focused on evidence than the conclusion.

    2. However, if reading the book is a key component of class time and tests, students will use the text to help them construct their own understanding of the material.

      I agree. The text should be the organizing factor.

    3. Second, students must come to class prepared for classroom activities, which also facilitates studying for exams as the semester progresses.

      Hypothes.is also helps with this too

    4. First, student work outside of class needs to be intentionally and effectively structured.

      Hypothes.is is one tool that I use to achieve this goal.