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  1. Oct 2023
    1. what is there now locke surely one of the fathers of modern modern day british empiricism 00:15:12 was it pains to argue that the endless metaphysical disputes about the real essence of things were idle to begin with because we lack the capacity to know the real essence of 00:15:26 anything all we have is what lock referred to as the nominal essence of things it's the way we in virtue of the way we perceive and and and cogitate 00:15:40 it's the way we come to label things people and carpets and light bulbs and computers we give things names based on general characteristics and it's 00:15:52 largely the the shared experiences of a community that settles on the meaning of a term as for the real essence of things that's beyond the reach beyond beyond the reach of our our very 00:16:05 senses now how does lock come to a conclusion like that well he is an older friend of that very clever young fellow ah 00:16:16 isaac what's his name and according to newton
      • for: adjacency, adjacency - John Locke - Isaac Newton

      • adjacency

        • between
          • John Locke
          • Isaac Newton
      • adjacency statement
        • Locke was the elder, Newton was the younger
        • When Robinson describes Locke as conceptualizing an "ultimate reality", he means that Locke was thinking of Newton's corpuscular (atomic) theory