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  1. Jul 2021
    1. Bating her lame foot and her leanness (this last a horrid draw-back to a woman, in my opinion), the girl had some pleasing qualities in the eye of a man. A dark, keen, clever face, and a nice clear voice, and a beautiful brown head of hair counted among her merits. A crutch appeared in the list of her misfortunes. And a temper reckoned high in the sum total of her defects.

      more descriptions of women 'from the eye of a man'

    2. In a minute more, Miss Rachel came downstairs–very nicely dressed in some soft yellow stuff, that set off her dark complexion, and clipped her tight (in the form of a jacket) round the waist. She had a smart little straw hat on her head, with a white veil twisted round it. She had primrose-coloured gloves that fitted her hands like a second skin. Her beautiful black hair looked as smooth as satin under her hat. Her little ears were like rosy shells–they had a pearl dangling from each of them. She came swiftly out to us, as straight as a lily on its stem, and as lithe and supple in every movement she made as a young cat. Nothing that I could discover was altered in her pretty face, but her eyes and her lips. Her eyes were brighter and fiercer than I liked to see; and her lips had so completely lost their colour and their smile that I hardly knew them again. She kissed her mother in a hasty and sudden manner on the cheek.

      So many similes

    3. o miserably lean that he looked as if he had not got an ounce of flesh on his bones in any part of him.

      We already know that Betteredge pays close attention to the health (ie weight) of women, but I think this might be the first time (?) we get such a physical description of a male character.

    4. Then she remembered that the Diamond might take to shining of itself, with its awful moony light in the dark

      Description of the Diamond. I'm going to tag this as character description assuming we're calling The Moonstone a character.

    5. If you know anything of the fashionable world, you have heard tell of the three beautiful Miss Herncastles. Miss Adelaide; Miss Caroline; and Miss Julia–this last being the youngest and the best of the three sisters, in my opinion; and I had opportunities of judging, as you shall presently see.

      description of beautiful women by herncastle

    6. They were nearly as big as their brother; spanking, yellow-haired, rosy lasses, overflowing with super-abundant flesh and blood; bursting from head to foot with health and spirits.

      This description is really something. Character description might be interesting to keep in mind later for computational analysis.

  2. Oct 2020
    1. He was a man of about Grant’s age, or a little older. Thick coarse white hair fell over his forehead and his skin was leathery but pale, yellowish-white like an old wrinkled-up kid glove. His long face was dignified and melancholy and he had something of the beauty of a powerful, discouraged, elderly horse. But where Fiona was concerned he was not discouraged.


      Aubrey is a secondary character which is consciously described. The character’s features (eyes, hair) and age signs (wrinkles and skin in general) are described with detail, as well as the colours that are perceived. Most characters are compared with different natural features: here, a horse. Nature is an important element in the story for constant references to the landscape, plants and flowers, weather and seasons can be found.<br> All the characters in the story are consistent, motivated and life-like characters; Audrey is not an exception, his character is a static character.