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  1. Dec 2020
    1. Through this process, the prisoner would find that he had become a collaborator and the author of anti-American propaganda. And once they had accepted that about himself, the prisoner would be more pliable to the Chinese to elicit stronger propaganda, confessions, self-criticism, and even a genuine disdain for his own country.

      Goal achieved

    2. He then mentions the methods used by the Chinese during the Korean war. Whereas the North Koreans treated prisoners harshly and submitted them to beatings and torture to extract information, the Chinese used a different technique. Their technique was to start small and build. Over a period of interviews with prisoners, they would first ask them to agree with statements that were only mildly critical, such as "The United States is not perfect." Later, they would ask them to make a list of problems with the American way of life. Later, they would ask them to write an essay on some of the social problems and discuss then in greater detail. Then, the essay would be published in a pamphlet that was distributed in that camp and others.

      Western societies is being slowly compromised by this method.