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  1. Mar 2023
    1. For those who wish to conceal their location from Google, keep in mind that you use Google services under license agreement. That’s a contract. Google is within their legal rights to know under which country’s laws that agreement is being made. Google is liable for honoring each country’s laws.
  2. May 2020
    1. This exemption is may not be applicable for all regions and is therefore subject to specific local regulations.
    2. In the US, there is no single comprehensive national body of data regulations; there are, however, various laws on a state level as well as industry guidelines and specific federal laws in place. Since online site/app activity is rarely limited to just one state, it’s always best to adhere to the strictest applicable regulations.
    3. Determining your law of reference Generally, the laws of a particular region apply if: You base your operations there; or You use processing services or servers based in the region; or Your service targets users from that region This effectively means that regional regulations may apply to you and/or your business whether you’re located in the region or not. For that reason, it’s always advisable that you approach your data processing activities with the strictest applicable regulations in mind.
  3. Apr 2020
  4. Mar 2020
    1. In Europe, access to the Los Angeles Times was blocked and those who tried to access it were offered a screen with a notice which simply read: "Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.
    1. In Italy, the condition for Google Analytics to be eligible for “no prior consent necessary” is IP anonymization – however in France, Google Analytics doesn’t seem to be eligible for exceptions,