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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Echoing an old observation in activism about the “tyranny of structurelessness” (Freeman, 1972), power became difficult to contest when you remove the mechanisms to contest action. New visitors who didn’t immediately resonate with the space were turned off from the cold vision of geeks silently co-working next to each other. Longstanding members became frustrated by frequent clashes between hotheaded personalities. Then there were issues about what went where. Who didn’t put the hand drill back in the bin? Technology was a source of drama, particularly when commitments were discussed on email lists or in passing and then forgotten. Who said they would get the laser cutter running? Although sufficiently meta and informal to be palatable to members, it was hardly a smooth way to run an organization.

      Hemos tenido inconvenientes similares en HackBo, particularmente con los visitantes. Para ellos es difícil percibir el valor del espacio y pagar por algo incompleto, que no ofrece un servicio o productos específicos, más allá del espacio mismo y contar con un lugar donde trabajar en proyectos incompletos.