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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Secondly, the difficulty ramps up very quickly - once I'd got a handle on things and started getting in to it, it threw me off that the Novice level 7 is just WAY TOO HARD - it's not a game centered on difficulty so it's not like that's an excuse, nor is this a later on level where you'd except difficulty, but having just 15 seconds to do that lap, that needs to be changed to 20 at least!
    1. If you like puzzle games, this is certainly a game for you. Well designed level progression that helps you build a good understanding of the underlying rules of the world
    1. Motivation is provided by an ever-escalating difficulty, though not to the point where you feel frustrated.
    1. There were a few times I felt like making notes, but never ended up needing to because the scale of the puzzles is kept manageable throughout.