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  1. Jul 2023
    1. No fairness, again, is a human construct.   01:10:41 And I mentioned before, evolution doesn't  care. If a species is going extinct,   evolution doesn't freak out and go, oh, we  got to keep that species. It just happens.   There's no thinking being back there going, well,  should we let them go or not? And let's face it,   01:11:12 when we eat the blackberries off the vine, that's  their babies. Is that fair that we eat the babies   of the blackberries?
      • for: nature has no values, human values, purpose, purposelessness,
      • key insight
        • evolution doesn't care
        • humans care, humans construct value and want to save ourselves. Evolution doesn't care if entire species live or die.
      • comment
        • I've thought the same thing. It differentiates human beings from nature
        • Another way to say this is that humans have purpose, nature does not
  2. Jun 2021
    1. objective function that tries to describe your ethics

      We can't define ethics and human values in objective terms.

    2. The problem is, algorithms were never designed to handle such tough choices. They are built to pursue a single mathematical goal, such as maximizing the number of soldiers’ lives saved or minimizing the number of civilian deaths. When you start dealing with multiple, often competing, objectives or try to account for intangibles like “freedom” and “well-being,” a satisfactory mathematical solution doesn’t always exist.

      We do better with algorithms where the utility function can be expressed mathematically. When we try to design for utility/goals that include human values, it's much more difficult.