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  1. May 2023
    1. when people do die it is almost like I think a colleague of mine under Sandberg 00:31:27 says that when somebody died the library Burns because all of that wisdom that they're carrying around in their minds that it took decades and decades to build up inside of them gets extinguished
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        • I think many of us have had this thought!
          • that when we die, vast amounts of wisdom is extinguished along with that person
          • As our digital tools become more sophisticated, however,
        • we are uploading our libraries to the digital collective intelligence network
          • the internet may well evolve to become the epitome and master repository of human cumulative cultural evolution.
          • even AI could not exist if it did not mine a training set of billions of human and their shared ideas
          • Perhaps it is the internet which is the vehicle for collective hybridized human-cyborg immortality?
          • If knowledge is preserved this way, then this flavor of immortality is only meaningful for our species