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  1. Dec 2023
    1. I tell my researchers look for the 00:57:41 positive feedbacks these are not good feedbacks these are self-reinforcing feedbacks where you get a cycle of of causation that causes it to reinforce itself those 00:57:52 positive feedbacks which may cross several systems like climate economic pandemic Health Systems those positive feedbacks are where you're getting the synchronization if you can find those 00:58:04 then you're making real Headway on the synchronization effect
      • for: adjacency - synchronization - clues - positive feedbacks, key insight - synchronisation - positive feedbacks

      • adjacency between

        • positive feedback
        • synchronization
      • adjacency statement
      • key insight
        • look for where the positive feedbacks are occurring within the system
        • that will tell you where the synchronization is occurring within the system