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  1. Feb 2023
    1. These wiki books were designed to interrogate and break down barriers between the humanities and the sciences by repurposing previously published science research and clustering it around a specific topic (e.g., energy, air, pharmacology, or bioethics) accompanied by an editorial introduction. This experiment in connecting and reusing various open access research materials—including articles, books, texts, data, images, video, and sound—and in exploring collective writing and open editing was designed to challenge “the physical and conceptual limitations” of the codex book, but it also questioned the various institutions and material practices that accompany it (e.g., the liberal humanist author, copyright, its aesthetics of bookishness). Yet more than that, it was an experiment in reimagining the book itself as living and collaborative, as an iterative and processual form of cocreation.

      Si bien mi repositorio de tesis doctoral empezó el en mismo año (2011) que estos experimentos, y el manual de Grafoscopio en 2016, los experimentos en de/reconstruir los libros como ejercicios colectivos, empezarían en la comunidad de Grafoscopio hasta 2018 y 2019 con los ejercicios librescos, que llevamos a cabo allí.