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  1. Jun 2020
    1. How can techniques like mindful context switching, asynchronous communication, and mindful breaks help me with my work?

      1. Mindful Context Switching - It happens very often that I have up to 3 or 4 tasks on my plate at a time. 1 or 2 I've defined for myself and another two that come in from requests in the company. With mindful context switching, I can try to dedicate chunks of time to each task, where I completely focus on that task, get some work done, then move onto another task for another chunk of time. This way, I'm as efficient as possible on each given task for a given window. That way I don't have the other tasks hanging over my head waiting for me to get to them. I've put the tasks in a queue of sorts, which will allow me to manage them more effectively.

      2. Asynchronous Communication - Turning Slack notifications off maybe? Setting windows within which I will respond to people on Slack. I'm not sure how well this would work out though. How do I handle situations where I need to have a conversation with someone on Slack? I'll need to think about this more.

      3. Breaks - This is straightforward. Set up chunks of time to work, then take short breaks in between those chunks. Refresh your mind, relax a bit, then continue working.