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  1. Mar 2021
    1. .The firstparadigm centres on institutional power: ‘Our schools, our government, our businessesand corporations are permeated with the view that neither individual nor group aretrustworthy. There must be power over, power to control. This hierarchal system isinherent in our whole culture’. The second paradigm takes the opposite view: ‘Givena suitable climate, humankind is trustworthy, creative, self-motivated, powerful andconstructive – capable of releasing undreamed-of-potentialities’

      there is an ongoing struggle in many areas of society, in schools, workplaces, religious organisations. the second paradigm doesn't seem to win over the first on a large scale, since significant change in any domain is a frustrating and never-ending process.

    2. importedfrom the business and commercial world.

      who decided this? who decides which measures of success are appropriate?

    3. target driven climate which has the potential to undermine theimportance of ‘relationship

      taking away from the very purpose of the practice