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  1. Nov 2017
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    1. I published a study on football players, NFL players who had been hit in the head thousands of times. What we did for them is put them on a multiple vitamin, high dose omega-3 fatty acids 5.6 grams, and blend ... I like higher EPA than DHA. A supplement I created calledBrain and Memory Power Boost that works in seven different ways, and 80% of our players showed improvement including, not just self-report, they showed improvement in blood flow to their prefrontal cortex zones back. That's not a placebo thing. A placebo thing is not actually going to improve blood flow to the focus, or thought judgment, impulse control part of your brain.

      Memory Power Boost. High Dose Omega 3. TBI's

    2. He's taking one of the big box stores fish oil. His omega-3 fatty acid probably was 5%, when it should be 8% or above. I had him stop and give him ours, Omega-3 Power, two capsules a day and his level three months later was 10; so quality matters. Plus, if you read a lot of label. Rancidity matters. You want to make sure the expiration date is there, and you want to make sure you have a high quality brand. I know, I really care about quality like you really care about quality. Then, you have to actually read the level on how much is it. Two of our capsules have 146 mg of omega-3 fatty acids where two capsules, one of the big box stores may have 120 mg. I recommend kids get at least 1,000 mg, adults 1,400 or often more. If you're on a repair situation, it's more like five grams.

      Fish oil quality