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  1. May 2017
    1. Scene iii: 1130-1146

      Jupiter reveals himself and Amphitruo is eased and pleased and pays thanks to the god.

    2. Scene ii: 1072-1130

      Bromia recites the events that happened within the house to Amphitruo

    3. Scene i: 1039-1071

      Amphitruo shares his plans for revenge and rage, but faints. Bromia retells what happens within the house which mirrors Amphitruo’s feelings.

    4. Act IV: 1039-1146

      Alcmena gives birth and Jupiter reveals himself and his role to Amphitruo.

    5. Act III: 1008-1039

      The separation I create with the middle acts adds to the theme of duplicity in the theme of the play. I have one act start with the return of Amphitruo from war and the second as his return from the harbor.

    6. Scene iii: 861-1007

      Jupiter thickens the plot by apologizing on Amphitruo’s behalf and consoles her.

    7. Scene ii: 633-860

      Alcmena confesses her confusion of Amphitruo’s return and explains that he was here. Sosia argues her sanity.

    8. Scene i: 551-632

      Amphitruo and Sosia travel home and Sosia pleads his case that he is not insane about there being a second him.

    9. Act II: 551-1008

      Sosia argues his sanity, then threatens Alcmena’s sanity after she says Amphitruo just left.

    10. Scene ii: 496-550

      Jupiter leaves Alcmena to “return to war” The serious matter of the play.

    11. Scene i: 148-496

      Mercury delays Sosia and makes him think he is not himself. The two provide comic relief to open the play. Mercury ends the scene on a slight heavy note.

    12. Act I: 148-55

      The initial events of the play are laid out, where Sosia is to believe he is not himself and Jupiter has impregnated Alcmena with a second child.

    13. Prologue: Lines 1-147

      Mercury explains the purpose and premise of the play. He denotes of costume differences so that the audience is able to separate the disguised gods from the real Amphitruo and Sosia.