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  1. Jul 2020
    1. A program is never neutral.
    2. There is a direct correlation between centralization of program andthe presence of the state.

      Centralization, as a concentration of power, cannot be dismissed as a-political; any program involving power is political, a fortiori for the case of centralization.

      Megastructures, however neutral they may seem, are de-facto political, let them be a city skyscraper or a private online platform.

    3. A program relies on repetition and habit; it canbe written down and be prescriptive.
    4. The firstthing an architect needs to do is to dismantlethat program and redirect it.
    5. What struck me early on was that most architects are unbelievably passivetowards programs. They accept them in a completely uncritical way, dress themup with forms, and thereby miss major opportunities.
    6. Most interesting, however, is to design newconditions for living, whether urban or otherwise.