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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Retailers use a combination of promotional pricing, fake pricing, and price anchoring to form a comprehensive psychological pricing strategy that creates a pricing trigger that minimizes the sales cycle significantly
  2. Jul 2020
    1. I pretty much just use the free version, but since I was paid for Jury Duty, $5 by the way, I HAD to upgrade to the deluxe edition. which was $40. Not in total though, $40 for federal, for State, and for E-filing. That's $120, because of $5. Nice.
    2. I don't like the fact that turbo tax isn't actually free anymore. You have to pay in order to get more money back. I was told this time that I had no choice but to upgrade to deluxe otherwise they wouldn't be able to file some of my taxes because it's not covered under the free package, so I was going to lose out on over $300. I got charged for upgrading to deluxe, I got charged for filling with a state I don't live in and then I got charged more for having them take the money out of my tax refund. It's completely unfair that they're charging me extra money for paying with my own tax refund.
    3. I been using turbo tax for like 5 years now.. Every year the predatory UI gets worse and worse. It constantly badgers you for more service for simple returns, it locks you in to benefits when you are just trying to see if one tax stance is better than another, IT NEVER LETS you go back and undo any PRODUCTS unless you want to delete your whole return. I think part of my frustration is the terrible tax laws we have in this country but for petes sake if you cant let me add up itemized deductions and compare them to a standard deduction WITHOUT locking into a product, you honestly have a terrible product. Just be honest with your pricing instead of trying to trick people into these products and HOLDING THEIR HOURS OF CLERICAL WORK HOSTAGE. WHAT A JOKE.
    1. What I like most about Credit Karma Tax is that there is absolutely no up-sell. They either do it for free or they cannot do your returns at all. They don't play games where they take all your information and then tell you “oops, sorry, you have to pay to get that.”