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  1. May 2023
    1. we show how we have used theseprotocols in the design of a new Resource Migration Protocol(RMP), which enables transparent resource migration acrossstandard web servers. The RMP works with a new resourcemigration mechanism we have developed called the ResourceLocator Service (RLS), and is fully backwards compatible withthe web’s architecture, enabling all web servers and all webcontent to be involved in the migration process



  2. May 2022
    1. Theoretically, there are many plugins for webservers adding support for scripting using any scripting language you can name. These are sometimes used to host full-blown web applications but I don't see them being used to facilitate mildly dynamic functionality.

      All in all, despite its own flaws, I think this piece hints at a useful ontology for understanding the nuanced, difficult-to-name, POLP-violating design flaws in stuff like Mastodon/ActivityPub—and why BYFOB/S4 is a better fit, esp. for non-technical people.


  3. Aug 2021