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  1. Jul 2016
    1. In closing, try this experiment: Think of the kid who was the best player on your first rec-league soccer team, or in Little League baseball, or Pop Warner football. Now think of that one kid you knew in grade school or high school who went on to play in the pros, or at least Division I. Doesn’t matter which sport.

      In this paragraph they are talking about how a kid in your first rec-league soccer or in little league baseball. Now come to think of that kids as a professional or atleast premier league. This paragraph relates to me because I have friend that started playing soccer with but they are now In a camp which I hopefully will be going to.

    2. The great thing about team sports is that the most important qualities are transferrable. Speed, power, reaction time, movement skills, and hand-eye coordination carry over from one to another

      In this paragraph their are talking about how team work important qualities which are speed power,movement skills etc. This defiantly relates to me because I play for a soccer team which has the same momentum. The fact we have to work on all type of skill set.